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Nera's Mobafire Blog

14 Mar

Views: 831 Nera's Climb #2

Hey guys!
So i haven't blogged in a while so i guess here i am!

So last time i blogged about my ranked i was still a lowly bronze 2 player having climbed from bronze 4. That was back in October november-ish of last year.

Sadly like my original goal i did not achieve silver by season 3's end. But that whole i want to get Silver made me realise something. Yes i do play this game for fun... But i also want to improve at this game. Probably will never go pro or anything of the sort but hey i still wanna see just how much i can improve right?

And so pre-season start and i was at that...
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03 Nov

Views: 916 lag

Just out of curiosity has anyone been experiencing major lag issues since the latest patch has come out? ever since 3.13 has come out whenever i play it just lags until i dc then come back on just to dc a few minutes later... pretty sure its not on my end either cause i play a variety of games on my computer and leagues is the only one with this much issue.:(

any help would be appreciated!
thank you!
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13 Oct
Hey guys!

Welcome to Nera's Corner about breaking the meta.

In this series i will be posting unusual Build paths or champions played in roles they are usually not meant to be played in but are still viable. To start off this series we will be starting with AP Miss Fortune!

Now why would you play AP Miss Fortune when there are other APC that can probably do a better job than what Miss Fortune can do? It is Miss Fortune bursty aspect that allows her to do this job. Let's take a look at her skills set shall we?

Passive: Strut : This passive allows her to easily...
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11 Oct
Hey guys!

This is hopefully a new series i will be starting up in my climb up the elo ladder.:D
I don't have all the match histories since i started to play ranked but i will at the very least give an overview of everything thats happened thus far.

When i first started ranked i made the mistake as many new comers to lvl 30 to start right away. I then got placed into bronze 1 where i was aiming for at least silver at that time. But being unable to climb higher as i was not able to *carry* my team and a few trolls dropped me all the way to bronze 4 in a short matter of time. Now with a...
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10 Aug
Hey guys!

Welcome to my second blog of the day! This time around i want to talk about an Unorthodox support that i have personally never seen played as a support. I have tried it a few times and it has actually worked really good for me.

Now for the big unveilling! Rammus the support Armordillo!

Now then why would Rammus make such a great support? He has all the abilities to make up a tanky support yet still be able to buy cheap items that will allow him to tank the damage from the ennemy ADC.

For spells i usually go for all three of my spells first three levels then max...
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