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Lulu, Gragas, Trundle
Support, Caster DPS, Jungler


I like pizza...

Alright, I'm an aslight random person... Okay, a somewhat random... Bah, okay I'm an amazingly random person, I like pretty much all music styles, with very rare exceptions, preferably alternative rock... Normally, my playstyle revolves on teamwork and skillshots, such as Morgana, Lux, Caitlynn and Corki, I'm currently unranked but I have a lot of potential to get better. I like to make friends in the net, and I'm open for facebook requests atm, as long as you're not a troll lol... Well I am male and single, I'm an alternative Brazilian (just pointing it out because I don't troll as hard as my fellows, I actually don't like most of them :P) and I hate hot weather :D

(for the curious ones) I'm a Libra, and I really REALLY have anger issues sometimes xD Especially when I play Dominion, but I think that's natural of anyone.

If you feel like chatting, do not EVER hesitate, I'm always itching for anything non-LoL-related, as well as anything LoL-related, so feel free to poke me (BE CAREFULL WITH MY KNEE THOUGH!! That thing is f'ing broken and it hurts like hell D:).