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09 Mar
Let's be straightfoward here. I mean it.

When the enemy Ashe has Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancers by 20 minutes, and your AD carry has barely managed to get his B.F. sword;
when the enemy Annie has Will of the ancients and a Needlessly Large rod and your AP carry is only with Hextech Revolver and Sorceror's shoes;
when your jungler has died four times and the enemy jungler stole all of your buffs;
when your solo top is getting outfarmed and zoned, as well as giving kills away;
when your support isn't getting your carry any kills;

be realistic, it's a defeat...

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26 Dec
I'm here suggeting a team that can easily destroy an enemy positioning and probably destroy the current metagame:

Blitzcrank as the tank
Amumu as the AP Offtank
Trundle as Jungler and AD Offtank
Alistar as the Support
Xerath* as the AP carry


This setup allows for VERY heavy CC and destruction of positioning, thus, allowing Xerath to easily nuke an enemy that gets far from his team, this can be easily achieved by using Trundle's Pillar and allowing Alistar to Headbutt the target into the team, making him/her an easy target....
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26 Dec
I've posted a guide about juking recently (you can acess the link by my profile) and it was a BOOM of +1s!

I'm really really happy right now, which is unusual for me ^^

Well, I'm hoping to help as many people as possible, so... It feels like I'm doing my job to the community ^^
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26 Dec

Views: 472 Why is Amumu always sad?

I've just figured out that, whenever I played amumu I end up stuck with trolls :D

My friend ALSO, had this problem, in which he'd play the mummy and see a straight anger at him whenever a teammate nearby died...

In fact, let's say no to trolling and help the mummy acheive peace! NOW!!!
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