I am leaving MobaFire

I have been a part of Mobafire for almost 3 years now. However the time for me to stop playing video games and grow up is here as well. I am 23 years old still leaving in my parents house we just got it apprised and repainted and I have had a lot of free time to think about the way my life is going. and the last thing I want to do is turn in that comic book guy from the Simpson’s. “Lamest comparison ever”

I have a lot of personal goals going on in my life, writing, personal fitness, animation, martial arts, and League is the biggest distraction. So for now I need to cut it out of my life completely or until I get everything back on track. I may not have thousands of wins but I spend hundreds of hours a month watching streams, following the LCS, reading though guides and forums etc.

Right now I am trying to put the finishing touches on a book about Biblical World Missions and its application to the common Christian. Yes I am a Christian but please know that I am not quitting League because of some self righteous Christian conviction nor am I a hateful or judging Christian I completely acknowledge that I am a jerk and that I have sin and that I do not live up to the teachings of Christ. However that’s exactly why he died for me, Christ didn't die for perfect people he died and rose again for the sinners, the scum of the earth. And the Christians that don’t want to admit they are scum in need of a savior and just insist on going to church every week thinking they are high and mighty and above everyone else. In my opinion need to rethink their position on Christ and their religion. Because Christ died for everyone because all have sinned and fell short of his glory. So no one is perfect and without fault before God and without a savior you can not merit salvation in the eyes of God on your own self worth. Christ did not die for for us because he felt sorry for us, he died because he loved us even in a our scum/garbage state he reached out to save us. Sorry for the micro sermon two years of Bible College talking.

Let's get back on track with how I started playing League and my journey into Mobaifre. I started playing League of Legends during my fresh men year of college. I remember it like it was yesterday I walked in to my friend John’s room and he was playing League of Legends. Later that day once I was done with mind numbing super boring studies I downloaded the game. The next day I made my first in game purchases with RP. It was Garen, a decision only a super new player would make, please note he was 1350IP at the time, but stupid noob me decided to pay money instead since 1350IP takes so long to get. I would later discover Mobafire after seeing another one of my friend’s using a guide. Once I got done with my first two years of college at good old Frontier School of the Bible, I made an account for Mobafire.

Over the next two years I have had several jobs one was at a Safeway Gas Station. Then the pumps started breaking down on a regular basis and once my job consisted more of waiting on the phone with tech support then doing the things written in my job description I quit “I really hate tech support”. Then I worked at a summer camp as it’s assistant Director, news flash very low pay, basically volunteer but working at camp was a blast. Then I got a job at Subway I worked there for about 4-5 months then I quit, they begged me to come back since I was one of the best, I came back worked two more months got promised a promotion that they never gave me then I quit a second time. Also it was one of the busiest and most under staffed subway in the state of Colorado so I quit a second time. I also have a paid job as a youth pastor so once a week I deliver a 40 minute message on the word. Sorry if I seem preachy with this post it’s just an honest update on everything that’s going on in my life. Also I am famous for writing my sermons in about 5 minutes right before delivering them. The sad part is I still get high fives from the other youth leaders and a “Wow that must have took you a long time to write and come up with” and I’m like “Nope just picked a topic and passage and talked for 40 minutes” Public speaking is not hard for me at all I just get up there and do it. Easy but I really should invest more time into it

But back on track I have decided that I need to get some things in my life in order before I even think about playing league again. I need to pursue a career and if that means getting another dead end job just to save up for Frontier School of the Bible for my last year since they offer a three year degree. Then so be it. Plus their tuition is dirt cheap, it’s not an accredited school but you basically get a degree in the Bible which is really good for publishing the kind of books I have been working on. So the degree would be worth it since it would allow me to publish my books easier and I would probably sell more copies just because it says I have a degree in the topic the book is addressing. Please don't read that last sentence the wrong way spreading the word is not about making money but I do need to pay bills like everyone else. Also thank God that I have more then one person willing to help me edit my works because my grammar is horrible, “your vs you’re”. “Their vs There” “to, too, two, 2,” okay I have that last one down but you get the idea.

League is a great game for blowing off steam but it’s something that I know is holding me back, if I spent one tenth of the time playing League, watching League, or reading about League, doing something beneficial like working out I would be able to give Bruce lee and Chuck Norris a run for their money.

I am not only leaving League but I will also be leaving Mobaifre as well. I really do spend more time on here then I do playing League, which stinks because I really like you guys. And you have all become like a second family to me, now this good bye may not be permanent I may come back one day it may be a few months, or a year.

But when, not if, but when I get everything in my life set straight and back on track I may come back, but for now it is permanent

I will miss every single one of you.

Sincerely Ray

Ninja Trigger