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NixLychee's Mobafire Blog

16 Nov
I might make a Season 11 Preseason guide for either Kayn or Graves. They're my current meta picks for Jungle, and I feel like a guide for more meta champs would be helpful to everyone. What do you think, and should it be Graves, Kayn, or someone else (I have experience with quite a few Jungle champs).
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12 Nov

Views: 339 Oof

So, after my computer suffered from a glitch, my Lee Sin guide chapters were messed up, and some were lost completely. I've tried to recover them, but to no avail. A new update will come eventually, but just know that it will probably be heavily delayed, because I have to re-type all of the code that was lost.
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11 Nov

Views: 153 Guide Update

Well, time to update the guide. It'll be up at some point within 7 days (probably, I don't know if I will procrastinate to hell). HUGE item reworks are going to be interesting to think about.
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27 Oct
So, because Season 11 of League of Legends is so close to coming, I was wondering if those who enjoy reading/using my Lee Sin Guide guide would like me to continue updating it into Season 11? I'm not sure if it will become irrelevant for the new season (it most likely will), so I was thinking that due to the massive system change overhaul with Items and Runes and Ability Haste instead of Cooldown Reduction, I should update it for the new season. Thoughts?
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