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02 Nov

Views: 1196 Hitting the A in Aatrox


Aatrox is a controversial champion. He has seen play in LCS sometimes, but he's generally deemed as a mediocre champion by the community. He's actually not bad, but not among the best junglers/laners either. He doesn't really bring much to the table that others wouldn't do better. He's someone I'd like to see have his potential unlocked and unleashed - because he certainly has quite a lot of that.

Current Aatrox has decent damage, but has to build very tanky after...
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07 Jul
The time has come when I'm starting to become relatively bored of my current main support; which in this case happens to be Vel'Koz. Previously it was Nami, who has sadly become pretty popular right now, so my interest in her declines.

I want to learn a new non-meta (or FotM, w/e) support, or someone who is relatively unpopular for most playerbase. Of course, nothing troll-ish there or there, something that can honestly work.

Been playing Zyra, a bit of Brand and tried Maokai. If you have anything interesting, throw 'em at me!
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24 Jun
Let's keep this short and simple.

I am currently pretty much maining mid lane, while trying to carry the gold's finest and myself to platinum. As of now, I have 2 favorite champions there, TF and Zyra, sometimes I go Kassadin.

Today I thought it'd be cool if I enlarged that list by 1-2 champions, so I'm open to suggestions:

What mid lane champion do you think I should start playing? What champion do you think has the power to massacre the enemy team and carry my team to victory?

I prefer hard-hitting glass cannons that snipe the enemies from the backlines and rely on...
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