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NorthernRedStar's Mobafire Blog - Tag: support

07 Jul
The time has come when I'm starting to become relatively bored of my current main support; which in this case happens to be Vel'Koz. Previously it was Nami, who has sadly become pretty popular right now, so my interest in her declines.

I want to learn a new non-meta (or FotM, w/e) support, or someone who is relatively unpopular for most playerbase. Of course, nothing troll-ish there or there, something that can honestly work.

Been playing Zyra, a bit of Brand and tried Maokai. If you have anything interesting, throw 'em at me!
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28 Feb

Views: 47810 support

I thought it might be fun to share some things regarding my favourite supports that I regularly play.

I'm updating this irregularly.

Thresh is a very versatile champion that lanes well with pretty much any ADC...
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