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OTGBionicArm's Mobafire Blog

19 Apr
Damaged beyond repair
Sparks flicker, oil leaking
Your robot friend, no longer there
It's human self now finally speaking

...Oh ****, wrong account. ~

Ok, now that's out of the way. Some of you may have guessed it. I know Mowen and Wayne "did" (they cheated with mod powers). But yeah, Roguish Bard is yours truly. "Why?" you may ask. Because I got tired of the moniker, and wanted to make a new one that more closely fits my focus as a person (singing, using my voice).
Also because I wanted to lay...
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21 Oct
Hey Mobafire. So I've been working on my BS and all that and looking for something to channel my thoughts into something constructive. I settled on writing short stories for fun that I'll share here.

Note; My stories will all likely be based around my characters in Guild Wars 2. I like to design intricate backstories for them all, and they are just fun to write about. So anyway, here's my first short story. I hope you enjoy! :]

Frantically he raced through his workshop, ams over full with pieces of scrap...
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11 Oct
Hey Mobafire.

I'm not sure what do say that hasn't already been said. I'm depressed? This game is a crippling addiction? Been through that too many times. This year has been a whirlwind.

I recently moved back to my home town in Ohio from Arizona. Boy was moving a ******** disaster. I thought I could better myself, but instead I ended up worsening my mental state.

It's rough living somewhere when you only know like 3 people, and it's rough having a best friend that is the shining example of excellence; a reminder of everything that is wrong with me. My friend was my manager, and...
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08 Oct
Hey guys. I keep forgetting to do these. Been busy busy busy. But an idea struck me and I had to write it down. I know Yorick is getting a rework (eventually) but I thought I'd give my thoughts on how he could be reworked while keeping nearly all of his theme in tact.

"Death is only the beginning."

So yeah. My idea is to rework him for the support role. Why? He's always *kind of* been a support via his ultimate. He's like Zilean except he doesn't completely suck. Ask GMD. Support Yorick is awesome. His ultimate is theoretically one of the most...
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13 Aug
Hey guys! Haven't done one of these in awhile. I've mostly just been playing on my smurf account (Ezreal only) and I had the idea for a new ADC archetype that hasn't been explored. Statistically, all AD carries either rely on massive range or mobility to keep them safe and dealing consistent damage. I wanted to toy with the concept of a "Tank ADC". What I ended up with was Mallik. Unique to the role of AD carries, he is actually a mage (thematically, he still functions as an ADC or even a fighter. More specifically, a geomancer. He attacks by throwing shards of stone and...
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