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Pheyniex's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Stuff

16 Sep

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So, I'm back with my rant on Riot's Game management. Let's start with something fun, maybe...

This is probably the game's most defining item, starting with the fact it gives a bit of every offensive stat. However, this always takes the risk of taking blows with every slight change of the game. While it was very popular in S2, it fell out of grace for several reasons:
  • Games became very short and Trinity Force was way more expensive.
  • Phage price had gone up due to resistance price balancing (more on this later)
  • [[Blade of the...
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27 Jun

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Would I Lie

by Pheyniex

Dearest Lady of Illusion
Am I lost at your palace
Shrouded garden in delusion,
Bright cold without solace.

Your silence becomes mine,
Distorting perception as fit.
Enchained never felt so fine,
Mimicked insight within wit.

Elegance of simplistic power,
A dashing kiss at late hour,
Baroque play of insane seduction
In a bed of incertes compulsion
Overshadowed by mirrors without,
A fleeting display of deceit.
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