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20 Jan
I don't even like rap but my spirits are in a funny spot.

I'm writing this blog mainly for myself to record progress on my research but I'll leave it a little accessible in case anyone wants to use the information for themselves.

Jungle Twitch Recent History

He was still good after rework but not as good, after all you had a lane you could take him in now. When League of the ruined king meta came out Jungle Twitch was the best jungler


Most recently they nerfed his early expunge damage, a decent blow to his level 2....
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31 Aug
It was always in the back of my mind that I needed to get higher elo to be taken seriously.

I always felt that intelligent people would be able to pick apart anything I said with method and scrutiny. If it was worth saying then why would it matter my elo.

I felt that getting diamond was just a way to appease the unintelligent (but not necessarily undesirable) into appraising the worth of my words.

I'm diamond 5. I figured people would take me more seriously after plat so plat was my goal. Now I think to myself diamond 5 isn't high enough. Why not diamond 1? Even in the LCS though...
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09 Jun

Views: 820 Prometheus

It was good

About my thoughts personally I'm not a professional film critic but I can say this. It's not a slasher action movie set in space.

It has action for the people who need to be moved though.

The greatest criticism I heard was it's not a masterpiece or it's not blade runner etc but in the same breath to compare it with such good science fiction is uplifting. As far as horror I thought it was pretty horrifying.

This movie is going to set the bar for how good your movie is, at least I hope it does.

I feel like Elizabeth Shaw when she was looking at the alien race for...
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14 May
I been alone in my home for a while now with time to my thoughts.

I went outside yesterday to feed the animals when I saw that one of the cats had a bird in her mouth. I took out the trash then decided to take a closer look and found that the bird was alive.

The cat dropped the bird and the bird attempted to fly away with no success.
The delighted cat continued to bite and bat at the bird so I picked her up and took her inside of the house. I gave her food and water but she was more interested in the bird. I decided against allowing her to continue killing it and walked outside to...
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20 Apr
Well more like a failed rock star. I lost my motivation after wife left me for a more successful rockstar. After this event in my life I looked at this man so much like myself and saw did I really want to become that?

Since, I have lost my taste in sound. However today is a good day for music so I decided to compile a list rather than compose.

If you ride this musical manifestation then I shall offer a disclaimer. I do recommend you keep your hands and feet in a safe position and I'd like to remind you it's all just sound. If you don't like something feel free to skip ahead a bit....
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