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Hello, my name is Vito!

I live in Slovenia.
I'm a very good League of Legends player, but can't get of out the elo hell.
I really want to be in a good 5 vs 5 team with my best friend "BoxmanX".
Me and Boxman got more or less same skills, but he did manage to get out of elo hell and
gots more wins.
But I do play LoL longer and got more experiance than him (I think because I also play
other games like Diablo3, WoW, CoD,... And I know how to get "in" the game better.
Well, he is better with some champions and I am better with some other champions.

Other than that, I enjoy playing support and jungler in tranked games.
My main jungler is Lee Sin and main support is Janna.
I'm very skilled with them but if you ask what can I do better I would say supporting.

Thats mostly everything I can tell you short from my LoL life.