Leblanc, the famous Op early, sucky late game hero. And maybe most importantly, my favorite Ap hero in the game. I can tell you many reasons why i love her so much, but that can be another topic.

But i really have no idea why this hero isn't picked more than she is. Let me say this, i have no problem with any of the mid match ups in ranked (Kassadin, morgana banned). Why? Because Leblanc can kill anyone after level 7, and if not kill, at least force them out of the lane long enough for your ult to come back up.

Not many heroes can do this, only other heroes i can think of that can do this is Morgana and Tristana. With Morgana's ultimate cooldown being longer, and tristana's late game prescness being really bad. Leblanc comes out as a strong champion here.

And quite the funny thing i found out in ranked games, if you kill mid around 3 times, the enemy team will more likely than not start raging at said mid. And we all know, when a team starts raging at each other, that team will probably loose the game.

But what her late game? It is the worse thing ever right? How can crippling a single person be a bad thing? And it is not like Tristana, she have short cool-downs, she can do her spells so many times in a team fight. Couple this with the fact that she is the best Ap kiter in the game. And you have your self a real beast late game.

And if you played you cards right, you should probably be snowballing like a crazy cat lady starting with one cat any way.

Hell who knows, maybe a leblanc guide is coming up next ;). Only time will tell.

Spells and hexes, your magician: PotatisFarfar.