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17 Jan
There are so many badass people from back in the day. They are getting to be so few and far between these days. I think about the talent pool today in movies and music and I just want to jump off a bridge. Everyone is so shallow, talentless, and have no true personality of their own. There's maybe a handful of true, creative artists/performers these days. Does anyone else feel this way? Sometimes I feel like I should've been born way before I had been, so I could enjoy those people in real-time. I swear to God, the movie, Idiocracy has it dead on about the future. lmao
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29 Dec

Views: 1685 Viktor

I haven't bought Viktor. I don't know how I feel about him. I watched Elementz play him lastnight a few times. I just don't know. There's been quite a few times I've bought a champ with my 6300 and regretted it. So I try to wait a bit and see how they are. Just wondering what everyone's thinking about him? Do any of you own him? Were you dissapointed? I was so glad I unlocked Fizz at the time, I know that. I LOVE Fizzy. I was very glad I did NOT unlock Volibear. I tried him on my boyfriend's account, and I just didn't like him.

Other champs I really enjoy are Cassiopeia, Annie, Akali,...
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20 Dec

Views: 1083 Kassadin

Man oh man. I've tried Kassadin a few times. I'm just not doing so well with him. For some reason he is very difficult for me to play. His early game is SO BAD. I'd love to get better with him. But I've seen so many different strategies that I have no idea what would be right for a beginner on Kass. I remember one person recommended getting tear on him and using that one skill that charges up his blade a bunch to get mana built up quickly. But is that a waste of time? Should I just go straight for dcap? O__o

I'm so great with almost every champ, but this one is just difficult for me. I...
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