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Summoner Info

Raediance (Unverified)
Cassiopeia, Ashe, Sona
Caster DPS, Ranged DPS, Support


I started playing LoL back in 2010 with a group of friends who started playing a few weeks before me. I played for a solid month then dropped playing for a reason I don't even remember now. I played an aggressive support Soraka with relative ease (Don't ask me to play her now, I'm a bad!).

I started playing again this year, 2012, after I graduated university this summer. I picked up Ashe and played quite a few - okay, a lot - of bad games before saving my IP for Cassiopeia. I love Medusa and found that her character design is much like her. I bought her and began to master her.

I have played Cassie for the last 5 levels almost exclusively and only plan to get better. I have been experimenting with item builds, mastering, and -soon- runes to find a Cassie that will fit my play style even better.