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Jungler, Support, Ranged DPS


Hi my name is Nathan Gene
I'm born on 6 march 1987 so im 24 atm.

LoL Role's i play

Main Jungler: WarWick, i alway's make a tanky build, so i'm the one that engage the fight's with him and focus the AP - AD Carry, for my ulty.
I alway's ward top lane with my item, and buy alot of wards early - mid - l8 game.
Cause i think a jungler should be warding alot too.
Main Support: Soraka, main object is alway's to heal the AD Carry then the AP Carry. Ward alot too.
Won't hit cs our get it, and also silence the ulty of enemy's alot.
Main Solo Top: Nasus, i don't upgrade e only q and w in begin last hit as a beast, and ward my own lane. Lost my lane 2 times of the 16 game's i played only vs a Jax.
L8 game my nasus will do 700-900 dam on turrets, so backdoor with my TP and ghost works alot :). He is one of my best chars with a avarage of 8.4 - 1.8 - 11.4 KDA Ratio
Main AD Carry: Miss Fortune, im good @ last hits and winning of the other AD Carry cs.

Other's that i play:

Jungle: Xin
Support: Blitz, Alistar, Sona, Taric
Solo Top: ...
Carry AD: Cait, Ashe
AP Mid: Only role i don't play. Im good with heimer, best Ranked stats with him after Nasus, but people alway's complain if i wanna pick heimer so i don't pick him.


I'm in the Clan Team Reflex that a Xbox live Clan, that helt there own tournaments online and as Lan, called ReflexGT ( with price's like 2000 euro and up.
Game's we play:
Halo Reach
Fifa 11 (12 will be in october 2011)


I'm trying to make a LoL EU clan for the tournaments that will helt her in Europe, we might gonna make our own tournament soon too of LoL.

Atm i have already a team of 5, but if u are intrested in joining us and wanna go to a LoL Tournament with us just send me a message then.
U must be @ least 16.
We will fully cover ur lan equip, so plane ticket - entree fee etc.

Best Regard's
Reflex Gene