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My name is Rip-R (known by my Summoner Name as RipR666), I have been playing League of Legends since season 2.

I have been around Mobafire for three years, trying out the guides out here, but I only started to be an active member since 2014, writing guides for unusual builds from time to time.

What I love is playing Champions using unusual builds, known to some as builds that "break the meta" or "troll builds" (though this is an incorrect term in my opinion as you can have an unusual build without trolling, as long as it is viable and you are not feeding).

I write guides of my favorite unusual builds in full knowledge of the facts: when I say I play unusual builds, I meant to say that I nearly play exclusively these. I don't just play a few games with them then move on to something else.
For example my main Mid Champion was for a long time AP Miss Fortune, I've been playing her for 3 years and more than 500 games with her, perfecting the build over the months.

Here's a non exhaustive list of the Champions I main or have mained and how long I've been playing them:
- AP Miss Fortune Mid : 3 years
- AD Offtank Gragas Top : 2 years (not viable since rework)
- AP Taric Mid : 1 year (not viable since rework)
- AP Tryndamere Mid : 6 months (not viable since rework)
- AD Fizz Mid : 6 months (so OP it isn't even fun to play with anymore, needs nerf ...)
- AP Xin Zhao Mid : 4 months
- AP Irelia Mid : 4 months
- AD Rammus Top : 4 months (not viable since Sword of the Divine was removed)
- Support Kalista: 2 months
- ADC Ahri: 2 years
- AD Akali: 2 months
- AP Aatrox: 4 months

I have also tried other unusual builds, first in bots game then in normal games so that my experiments won't hinder the other gamers I play with. Some don't work, some could be viable but just don't have any lanes where they fit or don't have good enough ratios; and from time to time I find this rare gem that surprises me on how viable it is, being able to compete with other classic Champions, sometimes even do better! (Did someone mention AP Irelia ?)

Some unusual builds can be quite fun to play, but are only half-viable and have some flaws that prevent you to play them in normal and ranked games with a level 30 account (but can be done with a smurf account) :
- AP Gangplank Mid (damage falls off late game)
- AP Jungle Hecarim (too long cooldown on ulti)
- AP / Attack Speed Gnar Mid (useless when in Mega Gnar)
- AP Lucian Mid (AP ratios not high enough)
- AP Jungle Nasus (too squishy for a melee Champion)
- AP Pantheon Mid (difficulty to farm safely during laning phase)
- AP Shyvana Mid (difficulty to farm safely during laning phase)
- AP Offtank Sion Mid (nearly not viable since rework)
- AP Jungle Udyr (too squishy for a melee Champion)
- AP Vi Top (basically same playstyle as AD Vi, only weaker)
- AP Offtank Volibear Top (difficulty to farm safely during laning phase)
- Magic Penetration Dr. Mundo Top (too squishy for a melee Champion)

League of Legends is a game full of surprise, and I'm sure we'll be able to find new amazing unusual builds in the near future !

In the meantime, if you are interested in unusual builds, check out my guides !

AP Irelia Mid lane, the hidden Ionian Mage

ADC Ahri, the kiss of death

Kalista support: How to be your ADC's guardian angel

AP Caitlyn for ARAM: A minefield of cakes ! (Archived)

AD Assassin Rammus - They see me rollin', they dyin' (Archived)

AD Offtank Gragas, the Top lane boss (Archived)

I also love to play ARAM, the only mode where you can build whatever you want and still carry the game !

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