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Rank: Editor
Rep: Memorable (82)
Status: Offline

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Rudmed (Unverified)
Twisted Fate, Malzahar, Amumu
Ranged DPS, Tank, Caster DPS


So you wish to know more about me eh? But I must warn you I am a secertive man.

Now overall if I have met you on the forums, or I know you well enough feel free to send me a friend request over LoL. Same name as in game, but tell me yours as well others wise I will hit decline, and remeber this is only when we have meet a little bit. Another thing about me is that I talkative, very expect that. Though I am quite funny or so I believe so bear with my terrible jokes, or unesscary comments. I would not call myself the bossy type, but if I see a person on the other team building a champ wrong I can and will rage at that person. Well they can't hear me anyways, and its thier own fault. I am usually willing to make adjustments, or try new things. So if we need a tank, and as long the entire team does not auto-lock carries then say we need a tank I am usually happy to oblige.

Warning: I do tend to Kill Secure

Anyways I hope to see you in the future, and maybe we could do a few premades. Anways I do believe it is time for you to depart.

Oh I wasn't very secertive with you now was I? Don't worry *opens drawer, and pulls out revolver* its alright dead men tell no tales after all.

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