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Rudmed's Mobafire Blog

04 Feb
Brutus awoke in the same room he was before; he lay there for a moment trying to recall what had happened the day before. Flavius instructed that it was important that he rest the day before surgery, and was given a few books to entertain him. When the books began to bore him he fell asleep, and woke up in a different room, strapped to a steel table. There were two men arguing in the darkness that surrounded him. One was questioning his abilities, but the other calmly assured the questioning one that, “I have seen his determination myself, and I have no doubt Brutus will be a fine...
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04 Feb
Everything was a blur when Brutus awoke. The first thing he saw was a steel ceiling, and a bandage over where he was shot. He slowly rose in the bed and looked around the room. Chains attached to the walls held up the bed he sat in, and besides a toilet and porthole the room was bare. He set his feet on the cold steel floor, and attempted to stand. His legs wobbled and felt weak, but he stood using the wall as a support. He made his way to the porthole, and outside there were stars and planets in the distance. He was in space. Suddenly he heard heavy footsteps coming down the hallway, and...
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27 Dec
Well after I finish up the story I am currently writing, and thanks to the hundreds of ideas I have bouncing in my head I would like to hear what ya'all would enjoy to ready.

Here is what I got cooking

More Warhammer 40k fiction
Warhammer fiction
League of Legends fiction
Dead Space fiction
Armored Core fiction

Medieval Fantasy fiction
(Possible squeal of this taking place in later medieval times.)
(Planned) Modern fantasy fiction x2

Fantasy world

That’s all I got as of right now. I probaly have more, but have probaly forgotten them. Anyways feel free to voice your...
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24 Dec
Dark *********s peered out from the corner of an alley at a nearby super market. Waiting in anticipation for the signal. The owner of the eyes turned to look at the small group of teenage boys behind him. You could see their ribs, and their eyes had an almost dead look to them. The young man no older than 15 scratched his head attempting to rid himself of some of the lice that had been biting at him the past week. Then he heard a noise like a car driving close to the supermarket. He looked over to see an armored car pull into the loading bay of the super market. The boys behind him heard...
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11 Dec
(Very long please do be prepared).

Brutus stood outside of a small abandoned two-story house keeping watch while the boys inside had their fill of food. It had been weeks since they had a decent meal, and they had earned it. He looked around at the old abandoned factories that lay around his home. It was not the best place, but it kept them safe from prying eyes and the authorities at least. Not completely safe however, as there were many other groups. Each one more violent then the last, but Brutus earned a little respect from the bosses. They managed to hammer out a truce with most of...
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