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HeadHunter Ryoku (Unverified)


I'm just your average summoner, nothing more nothing less. Just kidding, I'm far from normal. I tend to gravitate towards whatever happens to pique my interest. Due to this I've been pretty much everywhere and and have done a lot of random things. In the short span of about 7-8 years, I've been on the Broadway stage doing A Christmas Carol, I've been part of a high school band that got third nationally and a chorus that won first three years in a row nationally, I've placed, though never won, in a pile of martial arts tournaments, I was part of a Reader's Digest national vocabulary competition, and I've won a couple swimming trophies. I also know a variety of languages and I'm always trying to learn more, at the moment I'm trying to learn Spanish but I'm pretty bad at it. OK, enough bragging, if you want to hear more of my stories, want help with something, or just feel like reaching out to me just throw me a message. I'm always looking to make more friends.