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08 Dec
Title. After much testing, though I can still do well with jungle Ezreal, I can't deny that it has become much harder to pull off and justify. Thus, I am seriously considering archiving it. I aimed to bring the best to mobafire with my guides, and I found that my jungle ezreal guide is not doing enough justice to my readers. He has become "viable" now and is not as good as last season.

However, apart from jungle, I also play a lot of midlane, and one of my strongest and most favourite mid champs is Kayle. So in a few hours time, I'm gonna archive my jungle ezreal guide and...
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10 Nov
Alright, this is my first blog post, and it's gonna be a average length one. I hope it doesn't get delisted by stupid troll blogs which are basically no-pointers saying something about their random team or just asfsafasd and done. At the start of the season(the end of season 2), I was 850 elo(peak 1222, so I got silver border), and I think I may even be lower than that. Now, I'm Gold 3, and getting myself a Victorious Elise skin. This will be a pretty big summary of what happened in my climb during Season 3.

I had 3 goals in Season 3:
1. Hit Gold
2. Improve as a player
3. Have fun...
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