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Twisted Fate, Graves, Bard
Mage, Marksman, Support


*slips card out from his sleeve* What's up? So you want to know my story, very well I suppose I can indulge you.

Ok ok TF style aside, the names Jacob Bowman, but most know me as Suited Jake. I've been playing League since I was 15 (currently 20) and I've loved every minute of it. I've taken a couple years to get used to most champs then pick out ones who I'd enjoy maining, as you might be able to tell through my intro & my profile pic TF has always been my favorite champ thus is my best champ (Brand is a very close 2nd tho in terms of mids.

After spending a while getting champs adjusted, finding friends who I can trust & simply enjoy games with, and with a lot of encouragement from irl ppl who play matches with me I've decided to start a Youtube channel with possible ambitions of evolving to a pro. I love helping people and I have several students online already. I've turned to Mobafire since currently my laptop is undergoing some fix-ups & I find myself unable to play for the current time; I figured that while I'm in this lull period between college & work with no laptop I'd make some guides on some of my favorite champs to play.

I've had questions regarding my name of recent so I do believe it's time to address that. I simply believe in showing respect to ones self regarding their appearance & I've always felt immensely comfortable in a suit. As a symbol of that all my Youtube Vids will be recorded, edited, & ofc shown with myself in a suit as well as donning a custom made Gold Card in my breast pocket. Now don't misunderstand me, I am my own individual, yes I enjoy TF as a champ but my ideals and methods are VERY different. I say this because in the past I've been called a Tf copy, a fake, etc. you name it I've been called it. Enough about League stuff atm tho, I believe it's time to be more human.

I was raised in Arlington Texas where I still reside to this day (awesome town, I encourage anyone who is the tourist type to pass through). I'll be attending college in the spring at UTA (Go Mavricks!). I'm a huge anime fan and when I'm not working out/playing sports/ LoL I'll be watching DBZ, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Death Note, Code Ge***, etc. I could go on and on yet those are a few of my favorites.

As for what to expect from this Moba Account I'll be throwing out guides and hopefully collaborating with others once my name gets out there, but until then I suppose this Bio is just about done. Cya on the rift & in future guides.