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02 Oct

Views: 197 Week 3

After deciding to get out of the gym and go for an actual ride on the road I can conclude there will be more setback than first assumed. I have less strength climbing hills and need to develop more stamina. I have also noticed that I will need to work on keeping speed and finding the safest course to take as last year I broke my Radial Head in my left arm while biking. And that was only going 15 MPH. Down the long Hill on the course I had a speedometer rate me going at 27 MPH which is very dangerous for a newer biker.
As of now I have also come down with the flu and will need to...
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21 Sep
After 2 weeks I have traveled a distance of up to 20 miles in one sitting. I have calculated that I can ride one mile in 3:30 seconds and my goal is to ride 200 miles in one sitting.

So math time:

60 minutes/3.30 minutes = 18.18 miles in a 60 minute time frame.

My goal should be to get 20 miles in 1 hour/60 minutes. The math looks like such.

20MPH X 10Hours~ =200 Miles

So from my data forehand 18.18MPH X 10 Hours~ = 181 miles therefore i can conclude that I probably have to take 11 hours.

by week 10 I should be able to "ride" 200 miles but that's not...
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10 Sep
Disclaimer: I don't usually write very many personal things about my life especially when it comes to something as personal as this but I just felt inspired today. I am an American college student going on his third year. My father many years ago rode a bike race in college called a double century. It's a 200 mile bike race that goes all over California. Now on to the personal stuff; a few years after I was born I was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. What the doctors and my mother said my father said, "will he be able to do the things other kids do?" (I was 3 years old and only...
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05 Sep
League of legends in the main lore is based around the Persian invasion of Greece during 492 BCE. A little background information from wikipedia " The invasion, consisting of two distinct campaigns, was ordered by the Persian king Darius The first, primarily in order to punish the city-states of Athens and Eretria. These cities had supported the cities of Ionia during their revolt against Persian rule, thus incurring the wrath of Darius. Darius also saw the opportunity to extend his empire into Europe, and to secure its western frontier." So in the league of legends. War breaks...
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30 Aug

Views: 2265 NA Server issues

I don't know if there are issues in other places in the world but I know the NA servers are always crashing and lagging out (especially since the new patch and log in). I believe this may be due to new bugs, possible hackers (I heard about a group called lizard squad). Or there is also that possibility that riot is focusing on the upcoming world series and is busy dealing with that at the moment. If you guys are having the same issues don't worry, I think they will fix them by the next patch.
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