So yeah, as the title says, I just (20 minutes ago) came out to most of my friends, my dad and my grandmother, all through message portals like Discord and Facebook. I didn't really plan that at all, since it is none of their business if you know what I mean. I always felt like that I am living in a world where this whole coming out is unnecessary. However one of my friends is currently really struggling with something similar and I wanted to give him some form of support and proof that this thing is doable and that everything will get better. So that's how it all started :D

And well it did the trick and helped him, however there is still one last quest I have in front of myself now. In like 2 hours I would like to come out to my mum and sister at a dinner. Issue is that I am not that much of a talker and I basically never start conversations. Also coming out in real life sounds all of a sudden really frightening. So yeah, wish me good luck, I just want to be over with this xd

EDIT: Before I got to the dinner, my dad outed me (in a good way). Luckily he was super supportive, my mother & sister are too and I dodged a super awkward conversation, so this is STONKS!