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Tauricus2017's Mobafire Blog

17 Aug
As some of you might have noticed, I have archived basically all my guides except for Total Eclipse of the Heart. The reason for that is pretty simple. Some of the guides where focused at real meta playstyles which is a field I don't want to participate in anymore. Some guides where "too badly coded" and I just didn't want to see them anymore. And some guides where focused at playstyles that Riot stopped supporting (for example when they removed Karma's interaction...
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09 Mar
So yeah, as the title says, I just (20 minutes ago) came out to most of my friends, my dad and my grandmother, all through message portals like Discord and Facebook. I didn't really plan that at all, since it is none of their business if you know what I mean. I always felt like that I am living in a world where this whole coming out is unnecessary. However one of my friends is currently really struggling with something similar and I wanted to give him some form of support and proof that this thing is doable and that everything will get better. So that's how it all started :D

And well it...
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06 Mar
I have just written a decently long comment (something I don't really do often). Apparently I was writing it for 45 minutes and it's not even half as long as the review comments of local Scouts. Just imagining the time it has to take to write one full review, makes my keyboard want to commit suicide. So yeah, shoutout to all the scouts for investing so much time just to help others <3
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17 Jan
I am really not happy about it, but this is basically a post with no value. It is just me crying about my recent experience with League, so in case you are not keen on that, please step aside :D

So recently I've started feeling pretty hard dissatisfaction with LoL. It is a huge combination of many different factors that came with the new season. It is by no means objective opinion, keep that in mind. The main factor that makes me feel this way is honestly just meta itself. Those who know me, know that I like playing poke oriented champions. Well it makes sense that with so much...
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