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Tauricus2017's Mobafire Blog

13 Dec
So yeah, season 11 came and with it, came new jungle changes. Monsters are now super quick, Scuttler has giant shield, jungle items are gone and you can no longer transition between Chilling Smite and Challenging Smite. With all those new changes including Ravenous Hunter and Legend: Bloodline nerf, I can now finally say that jungle soraka is now almost undoable concept. Right now without a strong enough leash, Soraka has to recall after 2 camps. And then recall after another 2 camps, while before you could just clear red side > recall >> blue side...
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29 Aug

Views: 586 Downvoting Guides

Downvoting is a very interesting tool in your disposal of Mobafire member. It allows you to downvote guides that are way too troll.... wait that can't be right..... lemme try again. It allows you to put the work of someone else down... nah not that. It is a great way to show your disagreement with the other person.... Well - yes but is it right?

Downvoting is a term that means for everybody on Mobafire something different. What I'd like to do in this post is to basically prove that my look at downvoting is better then yours :D

For many people downvoting is a great way to punish bad...
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20 Aug
League of legends is planning a complete item overhaul by the start of next season so I have decided to write my personal dislikes when it comes to support items.

Knight's Vow - This is my second least favourite item in the entire game. It is super un-flashy and uninteresting. All it basically provides are stats. The effect of the Partner is super general and sad in comparison to Zeke's Convergence that has interesting and flashy effect that is much more fun to use. My suggestion: Change the effect of partnership to something unique, flashy or situational.

[[athene's unholy...
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