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the chaos bringer 00's Mobafire Blog

30 Jan

Views: 547 Here I am :P

So I made it to silver today :P. I decided to only play rankeds back at the start of december 2013 and from bronze 3 I went to bronze 1 (using Mostly AP Sion) playing 0-2 games a day. Now with season 4, my placement score was W:6 L:3 (dammit lag server -.-) and was placed right where I was, in Bronze 1. Now using my fav champ Jax and Nasus, I got to silver today :P. Yeah I know not that great but still its something. Should I be happy or are dangers lurking as in bronze? Also Jax and Nasus are banned/picked all the time. Is there any good top lane tier list?
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07 Jan
After posting an article concerning my first game with [[Vladimir] I decided to make this blog to post the results of all my first time games. So let's go:

This first game went sooooo well. It was a 18-12-14 playing Elise mid lane against a LeBlanc. I managed to reach full build:

The order...
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19 Oct

Views: 626 Ok so I am back

Hello my fellow summoners I am back and I am planning on updating my guides :) I will update them with the following priority Ahri> Hecarim> Warwick> Fiora.

I am also planning on being more active on this site and post more stuff
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23 Jul

Views: 771 Jayce resource

ok so guys I released my Jayce guide and I just love this champ. So i created this blog for all Jayce fan. Here you can leave some constructive feedback for all those that want to learn how to play Jayce in any role.

If you are interested in my guide you can find it here

I am waiting for your responses either here or in my guide
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