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The Jhin Cena

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Hello I am The Jhin Cena and I started playing League of Legends when Jinx was released, which was like 2013. I'm a Yone main who first played Yone on August 7th 2020, and started maining him shortly after Pyke mid got nerfed, on March 19th of 2021. Though I've had a number of different champions I got into briefly such as Kog'Maw and Nocturne, I wouldn't consider myself having mained them because I did not play too seriously back when I first started League. I eventually ended up quitting League when Vel'Koz (2014) came out, but returned when Kled (2016) came out to begin playing more seriously as I took Jhin as my first official main.

For awhile I had mained Jhin, hence my username, however that is a thing of the past. After I realized ADC wasn't the role for me, I mained Fizz quite seriously, though on July 18th of 2018 when they updated his W to no longer require any timing for extra damage, it ruined the feel of the championed for me so I abandoned him. Somewhere between all of this, I also mained Swain, though the rework ruined the champion for me. Anyways, coincidentally I was messing around with Pyke in the new game mode released shortly after Fizz's changes, and I not only liked the feel of the champion, but I was quite good at him as well.

For awhile, I mained Pyke support, despite support not being a role I was well acquainted with but I nonetheless stuck with it out of love for Pyke. I was desperate to find any way possible to bring Pyke out of the support role and to literally any other role, so I began to play him a little bit with top lane + Teleport with moderate success. I also played Pyke in the jungle, however once Pyke's E was nerfed to no longer deal damage to non-champions, I thought he was done for and cursed to the support role for eternity.

I began considering finding a new main, as my hope for Pyke's future was waning, that is however when I came across a Chinese challenger who was messing around with Pyke mid equipped with Tiamat. I thought Pyke mid seemed insane, and it seemed logical to assume that a champion as vulnerable to poke as him would not be viable in the mid lane. Regardless, I gave it a shot and fell absolutely love with the new role. Not only was I once again back in the mid lane, but I was there with my favorite champion. However on March 3rd of 2021 with the release of Patch 11.5, Pyke mid received a substantial nerf to his sustain, which resulted in the role no longer being viable.

I continued playing him for around two more weeks, trying to make him viable once more, but with a series of horrible Pyke games following the nerf, I decided that I would no longer main him. On March 19th, I began playing Yone once more after having gone at least half a year without touching him, and found him to be far more effective for the Season 11 meta as opposed to Pyke. Since then, I've picked him up as my main, and have noticed far greater improvements in my gameplay in contrast to my experience playing Pyke. My account is "Pyke Tyson" so if you need to contact me in game then that'd be the account to add.

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