Q: Who am I?
A: I'm a crazy person who is under the delusion that they are good at this game. My IGN name is TheNamelessBard, hit me with an invite if you wanna play some games with me.

Q: How did you get into LoL in the first place?
A: My Ex boyfriend got me into it. You can go check out his moba profile here.

Q: Wait...you're a baddie?
A: Let's paraphrase a fun convo from the mobafire chatroom-
TheNamelessBard: something, something, something (I don't remember exactly)...I'm such a baddie
TheSmokingGun: nah you're not a baddie, I'm a baddie.
Pwnzor1130: In what universe is nameless NOT a baddie
TheNamelessBard: ^IKR?

Q: Do you and Blydden really bicker a lot?
A: See...he has to go spoiling my fun by bringing up this stupid thing called "viability". I believe there is a difference between what should work and what does work, and he just doesn't get that. So yea...we bicker.

Q: Are you really a girl?
A: Last time I checked I still had a vagina...so I would hope so.

Q: Are you really the team captain of "Stalkers without Borders"?
A: Not really...unless you count captain of stupidity as captain of the team.

Q: Is your hair naturally like that or do you get a perm?
A: Have you ever seen a perm this bad? it's all natural, baby.

Q: If you had the opportunity to improve the game how you saw fit, what would be the first three changes made?
A: Erm...
1. new support champion
2. change Sivir back because I was good with her before the rework
3. make Teemo 100000000000000X cuter

Feel free to ask any other questions that come to mind in the comments below.