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throatslasher's Mobafire Blog

20 Aug
If you haven’t been paying attention to the Zoe Quinn debacle, feel free to place your head firmly back under your rock. For everyone else, I’d like to give my thoughts on ZQ, and the failures of social justice and modern feminism in this situation.

So wading through the firestorm, we have ZQ committing some mortal sins. First off, she threw an entire community of harmless, docile men under the bus to further her agenda. If you’re never heard of wizardchan, google it and go there. Especially the v9k board. I explored it when this case came out, and this is a board primarily for 30+ y/o...
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24 Apr

Tonight at 8pm central I'll be doing a vlog/AMA about Moba and my upcoming guide. If you want to stop by, cool. If you want a question answered, you can ask in twitch chat, or I'll be in the mobafire ventrilo, or if you can't attend you can ask below and if it's not ******ed I'll answer it. Should be fun, should last 30 min - 1 hr, I will obviously be calling a lot of people out, should be fun if you're into zomg dramas
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23 Apr
I'm not going into too much detail here.

I need a skilled coder, either male, or a non-feminist female to corroborate with and code.

I've completely changed the way I've acted towards the opposite sex in the past 6 weeks and it's changed my life. If you want a sneak peak, just browse around for red pill literature. Send me a PM if you want on board.
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04 Apr

Views: 849 Ryze guide updated-ish

I'm in the process of updating my ryze guide. I've updated the build and masteries and some of the text. I just keep finding little things to change and hitting publish. If you want to read the completed thing, check it periodically. Only major change I need to make is focusing it more towards top and cleaning up matchups.

Happy Ryzing, and also, he's t1 enjoy
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07 Mar
I'm backish. I haven't even been lurking in the past couple months. I've stumbled back and this site is worse than ever.

I'm a dangerous combination of bored and frustrated, so check my profile page sporadically to see me at my most vicious.


Also, I stream now. Pop by at 6PM on weekdays central time and I *may* be streaming league.

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