Hello ladies and gentlemen and Welcome to my first blog!

As it's my first one, i don't know exactly what one writes here so some feedback about this would be cool...
Anyway i 'm gonna write about two things:
  • My (upcoming)guide(s)
  • and a Technical Issue i face with in-game screenshots(that's the vital part)
    Well,I used many brackets above
    Anyway let's procceed!

My (upcoming)guide

More or less, you must have understood what that "upcoming'' in brackets means.For the ones who didn't I explain below.
Right now I have just one guide published.It's a Vayne one and you can have a look at it by clicking right here
What I'm trying is to get more views and ffedback and who know if I'm lucky or you're in good mood the guide might scale in terms of rating, as well.
The upcoming guide is an Urgot one-we don't many of them you see- and it's like 35% ready, so if you're interested in it you could should wait a bit.

Let's move on to the next subject.

The technical issue

I want to take in-game screenshots, but whenever i do so what appears is just a blank page. I guess this is a ''problem'' due to Windows 7. Anybody have any advice?

That's from me right now, please tell me your thoughts.