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Tsunami10's Mobafire Blog

08 Sep
So, I was playing with 2 friends level -10 (can't remember so well...).
We entered the champion selection, then a guy wants to be the support, we accept. He picks RYZE (Ryze sup?).
Ok till there, but then he started farming at the jungle (I was like, WTF, this guy is a Ryze support who keeps farming the jungle?), then I (I was the jungler) couldn't level up. Both me and my 2 friends reported this guy, had to be a troll.
That's just a hint if you are thinking on a smurfing : play with high level friends, and with 4 of them, for your team to don't be so noob like mine.
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02 Sep

Views: 155 Hypocritical

Just got a match with a Xin Zhao saying : "Go learn how to play before coming to normal matches". He was 0/6, and was blamming at my team. He may have tought :"Ah, I know how to play, I'm gonna try 1 vs 5". That's hypocrisy, and that's not fun. Don't be one of those.
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