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Hello people of
Well lets start off....where to start off...
In 5v5's..I play as Tryndamere. I don't know why everyone hates him. People say its cause of bloodlust..its cause of his ultimate...blah blah blah...those don't matter to me. I play him right and I barely use them.
I also play as Karthus. Amazing champion with an equally amazing ultimate :P
In 3v3's..i Play Cho gath. He's good in 3's because of his Rupture and silence..both are good get away and stuns.
I some times play Trynd but he doesn't get the team far..Tryndamere doesn't like small spaces >.>
well I guess there you go :P
If you play against me in a match..haveee fun :P...just don't pisses me off