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Vesae (Unverified)
Renekton, Zed, Lux
Melee DPS, Caster DPS


Apr 5th, 2013



My name irl is Reno and ign is Vesae. I am 17 years old from Ontario, Canada and I am on the NA Server. I have been a top 3v3 player since the last few weeks of Season 2, achieving Diamond and Challenger multiple times with a variety of other top players and teams.

I've almost exclusively played 3's ever since I started playing League of Legends and have always strived to perform at a consistent high level of play.

As for 5's, about two months ago I decided that I had reached my full potential in 3's; achieving two Challenger teams, knowing the map like the back of my hand, and just overall wanted to switch things up.

To go competitive and improve individually are my personal goals and 3's just wasn't providing either. So, I worked on my Solo Queue a bit, achieved Plat 3 as a start, soon after getting picked up for a Diamond player filled team (Versa Moon). With ease we climbed to Plat 3 in team ranked 5's until we came across some hiccups with our roster and our Jungler and ADC were picked up for Diamond teams.

So...With all that said, I started to work with a friend of mine, Scott Ball ( to recruit and manage a team for 5's. And after about 2 weeks of recruitment and hard work with people that have similar goals and skill levels, I've ended up happily settling with the team 'Intrepid E Sports'.

The current roster for Intrepid E Sports is:

Top: Scazzaf
Mid: Vesae
Jungle: Pillowesque
ADC: Triforce GG
Support: Rumcake