Razor Sharp

Obtained from: Smiting Crimson Raptor

Effect: Grants true sight for 90 seconds (1 min 30 sec)

  • Clear wards protecting enemy mid-laner.
  • Clear wards around your red side jungle if no gank opportunities are available
  • Clear wards around the enemy blue side jungle if you know their jungler is top side and you don't see any ganking opportunities.
  • Clear bottom side river bush, in front of dragon pit, and/or bottom side tri-bush to pave the way for future ganks.

It doesn't last long enough to do all those things so pick one and stick with it.

Note unlike Sweeping Lens it doesn't disable wards or invisible traps FU Teemo!!! So just know anyone paying attention to the mini-map will see you taking out the ward or if you don't use attack move to kill the trap you can set them off by accidentally walking into them.

A plus side of it is that it kicks on when you are near a ward. You can miss a Vision Ward in a bush if you use Sweeping Lens on the bush and don't actually walk into the bush because Sweeping Lens only reveals invisible objects or traps.

A downside is that it doesn't give you an exact location so you can burn valuable time from the true sight effect while you try to hunt down exactly where the ward is placed and so some you will never find especially if you see something else developing on the mini-map that you need to deal with pronto.

Do note that you can gain this particular buff by smiting the Crimson Raptor without actually killing the camp if you are in a hurry and the enemy jungler can do the same.

The Crimson Raptor gives off purple bubbles if the smite bonus is available. You have to clear the camp to make it available again once it has been Smited away.

Other: Really a useful buff throughout the game, though probably more so early in the game when you are trying to create pressure or keep enemy wards in your jungle to a minimum.