Within the past 6 normal games that I did, we lost because of people either going AFK, or nobody was focusing the problem. Even when I was telling them to focus the problem down, they'd still let the problem go ahead and kill them while they're busy killing the non-threats. I'm still very salty about a lot of these.

Game 1: Elise (10/9/3)


TOP: Elise and Darius | Elise
MID: LeBlanc | Katarina
BOT: Swain and Caitlyn | Vayne and Alistar
JUNGLE: None (They insisted we don't need one) | Hecarim

We actually had a really good early lead here. We got first blood and bot got a few kills early. But bot lane got cocky and over-extended a couple of times, so they got ganked by Hecarim and fed their Vayne. We could have still won the game since we were doing well in team fights, but they wouldn't push (Kept saying "Need to farm" or "Saving top/bot"), and kept extending the game so Vayne got even more fed and farmed so we just lost. They were more worried about Katarina and Hecarim when Vayne was already DPSing their health bars down. I couldn't even assassinate her since Alistar was always with her.

Game 2: Elise (6/9/11)

TOP: Rengar and Xin Zhao | Maokai
MID: Elise | Morgana
BOT: Sivir and Darius | Ezreal and Elise
JUNGLE: None (The insisted we didn't need one) | Dr. Mundo

I had Morgana against me in mid, so I got pretty screwed over. I was forced to farm under the tower the entire laning phase and Dr. Mundo was always there to screw me over when I would push the lane up a bit so I could recall. I had wards all over the place, but since no one else was buying them, I got behind in my item build. I couldn't even ask for ganks since they were pushed to the tower. Darius was AFK for at least the first 10 minutes, so when he got back he couldn't catch up (And no, that Hextech Gunblade was a troll buy).

Game 3: Sona (2/10/19)

TOP: Malzahar | Yorick
MID: Ziggs | Katarina
BOT: Teemo and Sona | Tristana and Blitzcrank
JUNGLE: Shaco | Skarner

We had an amazing lead here. But Shaco and Ziggs just decided to disappear. They just said, "Oh, we gotta go. Bye." /facepalm. We SHOULD have won that game. But we were actually doing well for a 3v5 at first. But in the end, they got baron and we couldn't keep up since there were only three of us.

Game 4: Elise (8/12/12)

TOP: Darius | Shaco
MID: Kennen | Twisted Fate
BOT: Tristana and Lulu | Teemo and Sivir
JUNGLE: Elise | Skarner

We were doing somewhat alright early. We got first blood, and Tristana got a few early kills. But then Twisted Fate kept shutting down my efforts to kill the high priority targets in their team so they all got evenly fed. I couldn't really tell who should I have focused in this game. If I tried to focus Twisted Fate, then Sivir would have DPS'd me down and vice versa.

Game 5: Skarner (1/7/10)

TOP: Darius | Draven and Nunu & Willump
MID: Elise | Katarina
BOT: Miss Fortune and Sona | Ashe and Ziggs
JUNGLE: Skarner | None

Hoo boy. Let's just say Katarina got fed and nobody focused her down. No one even capitalize on my ults on her. Except my sister, but she was using Sona so we didn't do anything to her health. I'm still salty about this game.

Game 6: Shen (6/6/8)

TOP: Wukong | Jax
MID: Cassiopeia | Fizz
BOT: Miss Fortune and Sona | Teemo and Kha'Zix
JUNGLE: Shen | Hecarim

TL;DR, top let Jax farm and so we got screwed over. Even when we were focusing him down, Hecarim and Fizz were there to clean up.

On that note, time to watch MythBusters to crank my morale back up.