I'm so happy right now. It would have been deathless had I not been so cocky against Kennen >.> I forgot he rushed Will of the Ancients, so I got overconfident and died.

Laning phase was pretty bad. The threat of Shaco made me play a bit too scared and could hardly farm, but thankfully Caitlyn kept pushing so I got a few creeps every now and then. I was really behind in terms of farming, at least until later on. I started to come back around early-mid game, as Nocturne made some great ganks and we were able to pick off Lulu in all of them as well as Caitlyn finally during the third one.

Started to farm back up when we got the bot tower down, and team fights were easily in our favor. Except for that one fight near their blue where everyone was kinda scattered. But even then, they couldn't push as we made sure our minions were constantly threatening their turrets.

I kept forgetting to grab at least Giant's Belt so that I would survive if they dived me, but they never did until the last two or three fights where I was already pretty fed and my sister ( Soraka) was already able to peel like a baws. I have no clue what the heck Kassadin was building, but we were having fun so I didn't really mind.

Playing AD carry seems really fun, especially when you have reliable teammates (We were a pre-made this game). That, and they were actually listening to my suggestions now. Except for Kassadin probably, but he was live bait most of the time anyways :P I'm hoping I can improve on being a carry, since this is the only role I think I am really bad at.

Oh, and tips against a Caitlyn + Lulu lane as Ashe with Soraka? I wasn't sure if I should have pushed or froze the lane at our tower. I just assumed that we had to freeze at tower since there was also the factor of having an enemy Shaco in the jungle.