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Viola Orpheus's Mobafire Blog - Tag: mythbusters is op

06 Jan
All I can say is, holy hell. Going from 350 ping to 40 ping feels amazing. I've been hitting skillshots more reliably, got out of sticky situations more, and I can say I've gotten better playing in lane and in teamfights somewhat.

I'm reeeaaalllyyy sad that I'm gonna have to go back to 350 ping in a week. I'm gonna miss rarely missing my skillshots ( Crescendo and Mystic Shot in particular) ._.
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05 Dec
Since the Season 3 patch had just been released, I decided to archive my Sona guide for the moment. Reason being is so that I can freely adapt to the new changes without fear of the need to meet a deadline anytime soon. Should be unarchived when I finally feel comfortable with the changes.

On a different note, Season 3 is scary D: I'm dunno what to build on her anymore.
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27 Oct
Within the past 6 normal games that I did, we lost because of people either going AFK, or nobody was focusing the problem. Even when I was telling them to focus the problem down, they'd still let the problem go ahead and kill them while they're busy killing the non-threats. I'm still very salty about a lot of these.

Game 1: Elise (10/9/3)


TOP: Elise and Darius | Elise
MID: LeBlanc | Katarina...
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