Now, I was kinda leaving toplane for a while but now I want to play it again so I need a new champ for it.

These are the ones I played already:
-Darius 6/10 :I like him(and he is pretty strong), but not my type of champ.
-Dr. Mundo 5/10:I like him too, but I always lose at early with him.
-Jarvan IV 3/10:I only play him in the jungle.
-Jax 4/10: Not my kind of top champ.
-Kennen 6/10:Had some success with AD Kennen, but rather not playing him.
-Lee Sin: 3/10:Can't play him at all.
-Mordekaiser 8/10:Now this guy is really fun top.
-Pantheon 5/10: Look Jarvan.
-Shen 4/10: Is okay, but seriously not that much fun.
-Singed 1/10:No, just no.
-Trynda 3/10: Not viable anymore.
-Urgot 8/10:I know this is a weird top pick, but he outranges most of the top champs and is a real lane boss.
-Vladimir 7/10:Also more played mid by others, but I grew fond of him.
-Wukong 4/10: Not my kind of champ......
-Yorick 6/10:I like him, but kind of not fitting my playstyle.

Top laners I want to try:(Note:The points I give out now are how much I want to try them)
(-Fizz)6/10 :I already got him, so not really part of this.
-Irelia 7/10:Looks fun and viable.
-Renekton 10/10:This is the guy I want to try. But is he good? I'm not sure.
-Rumble 5/10:Might pick him up sometime.
-Shyvana 4/10: I think I'd like to try her but more in the jungle.

I'd like to know which of these would fit me most.