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Werepirelord's Mobafire Blog - Tag: the

04 Sep

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Please note that none of the detective work is mine, this is all taken directly from a reddit post, I just wanted to inform any kind of person who isn't on reddit (altough surr@20 will probably post about this pretty soon as well).

Reddit post link:

So recently, there was a post about a new Champion going by the name, Ao Shin. The post made front page, I believe, and had quite a lot of buzz. The post was talking about the possibility of Ao Shin being some sort of "Gypsy...
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11 Nov

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So I got like 20€ Paysafe for my Birthday and I already used 10€ of it to buy me Blood Lord Vladymonsy. Anyway, I'd like to know if I should spend them on B-C P Cho, as that skin is pretty awesome, or if I should wait until the Christmas skins are on.

Think the only thing else I would buy is the Astronautilus/Augmented Singed/Glacial Malphite/Soul Reaver Draven/Sad Robocop Mumu on 50% off but they are rather newer skins so they won't be off for quite a long time probs.
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03 Jul

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Now, I was kinda leaving toplane for a while but now I want to play it again so I need a new champ for it.

These are the ones I played already:
-Darius 6/10 :I like him(and he is pretty strong), but not my type of champ.
-Dr. Mundo 5/10:I like him too, but I always lose at early with him.
-Jarvan IV 3/10:I only play him in the jungle.
-Jax 4/10: Not my kind of top champ.
-Kennen 6/10:Had some success with AD Kennen, but rather not playing him.
-Lee Sin:...
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