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Werepirelord's Mobafire Blog - Tag: tags

03 Nov

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......because our Nidalee mid decided to AFK.
Meanwhile I make a double kill top because Olaf just decides to dive at lvl 2 and then trundle dies to me while i have lower hp.

Then our Nunu support decides to go full ap and takes 70% of our carry(Corki)'s kills.

But naturally we won because we had Darius, and Darius wins every single time (in low-elo).

But i kinda feel bad to give Nida free elo even though she didn't do anything really.
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03 Jul

Views: 1043 tags

Now, I was kinda leaving toplane for a while but now I want to play it again so I need a new champ for it.

These are the ones I played already:
-Darius 6/10 :I like him(and he is pretty strong), but not my type of champ.
-Dr. Mundo 5/10:I like him too, but I always lose at early with him.
-Jarvan IV 3/10:I only play him in the jungle.
-Jax 4/10: Not my kind of top champ.
-Kennen 6/10:Had some success with AD Kennen, but rather not playing him.
-Lee Sin:...
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