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whybother34's Mobafire Blog

31 Jan

Views: 183 Ranked

So I went 3-7 and got placed Silver 5. I grinned from Bronze 3 to Silver 4 last year on only support but now that I started at Silver 5, I don't think I can't make it to Gold only on support. To be honest I'm fine with just Silver 3 or 2. Also I turned 19 on the 29th so yay
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04 May

Views: 445 Hi

Hi people it's whybother34 aka that guy who mains leona but his braum guide has more view even when he has 2/5 of the points on braum he has on leona. Thank you guys for getting both of my guides to 500 views! It's a little insane. However since i'm studying for AP's now I'm not going to be able to update for the next week or so. This mid season has made sejuani a popular character again (much to the hatred of my friend who mains her) and with some new items braum and leona benefited a bunch so yay thanks riot. I'm thinking of making a sion support guide next what do you guys think?
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