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Xeronn's Mobafire Blog

30 Jun

Views: 2070 Oceania Server! Pt. 2

Been playing kinda non-stop since I transferred (eyes were hurting, had to rest for longer than I wanted).

Most recent game:
Hmmm, I'd say the community is definitely different from NA, one thing for certain is there are a lot more badmouthed people (which is disappointing). Skill level is around the same, sometimes less.

Not sure what to hope for the OCE community at this moment, but it better be alright :D

Trying to expand my champion roster as seen in my Zed game, bought a few more champs to practice with so I'm not banned out...
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28 Jun

Views: 2569 Oceania Server!

So I've just transferred to it, played my first game (which I won woot!)

The ping is amazing *q* going at 50-60 on average, so much easier to make quick reactions.

At this moment though the shop is still down and the Ziggs + Pool Party skin haven't been given yet, but the IP Boost is awesome! :D

Although I won't be able to play with a lot of my friends from NA anymore, it was fun while it lasted ^^

Now.. time to play erryday 8 hours straight and get a pro team for PAX Australia! >:3
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14 Feb

Views: 332 Slow.. but Steady

Gonna experiment a little more on my Gangplank guide when I get free time, and yes that means I'm still playing LoL :D

Jarvan IV guide is still on my list of things to do. >w<

Almost dead on the posting front haha.
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29 Jan

Views: 401 Wee...

I'm getting really lazy, and that means less less of LoL and less of Mobafire x.x

I still had that Jarvan IV guide in mind...
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