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How to: Hybrid Evelynn(in Depth)

Sylvant Last updated on February 21, 2017
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R


Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Evelynn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Nidalee Be ware of champions such as Nida and Cait which are able to cover your gank routs with traps
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Update of new season update(LUL)

End of last year i did a major update for the preseason, shaping the guide to a competitive level and obeying the meta. This update however was based majorly on assumptions on the season changes and the direction Riot was pushing junglers and Eve indirectly. After having the opportunity to experience different builds this new season and rethink my conclusions i realized i was looking in the wrong direction and my past update will require an additional update and shift the core build extremely to AP. I now consider AD an inferior build and hardly viable for any situation. As usual, i am open and will appreciate any help on finding outdated info in the comments section(or in pm).

Update #2 Progress
Color legend

Under development

  • Build Summary
  • Introduction
  • Pros & Cons
  • Builds Explanation
  • Stats Importance
  • Runes
  • Masteries
  • Spells
  • Skills Explanation
  • Items Explanation
  • Playstyle & Jungling

Hello fellow summoners, my nickname is Sylvant and i always enjoyed playing uncommon champions and builds. Because of this and because her versatility, i fall in love with Evelynn in the very beginning of my LoL adventures. In the past Eve have been the subject of many changes and a major rework. She was associated with mid lane for a while, but eventually established in the jungle. There was seasons she was played as an AD bruiser, or an AP assassin and the rival between the two builds and many others continues even today. Her abilities scale well with the majority of stats and various item features. She could be played as a mage-assassin, go tanky, AD, etc. but her main weapons are always ambush and deception.

After having lots of fun playing her with diverse odd builds and mainly true hybrid, ive decided its time to move step forward and main her in ranked, discovering the best meta builds and tactics to climb the ladder. Ive acquired a vast experience, combined with my knowledge about the game mechanics which ill put in this guide, to offer you the best ways to play her as well as additional options and less common strategies. Its important to note, this guide aims you, the viewer, to provoke you to think and be able to make choices on your own. You can fast forward and check the basics, item build, masteries etc, but if you wish to know why those items and runes are used, you can find the reasons. Knowing the logic behind them will let you make your own judgement and not just follow the cooky cutter examples which is a step to advance past mediocre player level. This is extremely vital to master Evelynn, whose great advantage is the ability to adjust like chameleon according the game environment.

patch notes

The following spoiler contains a wall of text.
Rundown of preseason changes


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Pros & Cons


  • Able to use various gank routs to ambush her opponents
  • Hybrid damage makes her harder to counter
  • Great sustain damage
  • Able to make use of various items, giving her wide option range
  • Has a built in counter to slows and great mobility in fights


  • Squishy early on
  • Easily countered by Stuns and similar effects
  • Close range
  • Lack of CC early game
  • Hard to cooperate with certain team comps and play styles
  • Reliable on items to deal significant damage
  • No health sustain in the jungle

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Builds Explanation

Duo to Evelynn hybrid nature, it can be very confusing what items and builds work good on her and new players get often lost and end up with a mix of everything. To make an informed choice, we should understand the strengths and weaknesses of the champion. Eve has the great ability to approach her enemy unseen, for this reason she is partly crippled in other departments. She has limited combat range, lacks hard CC and mobility tools(like a dash, gap closer), she is greatly dependent on items.

Currently the game is designed in such a way that focusing on either AD, or AP offers greater synergy and puts hybrid builds in vain. Building AP can make up for some of her weaknesses. It broadens her range and provides some kite potential. AP items offer valuable utility options like preserve effect by Hourglass, gap closer by Protobelt, persistent slow by Rylai. Most of Evelynn damage is magic and building AP justifies getting magic penetration which lets her remain viable in late game.

The great disadvantage of building AD is the range issue and limited ability kit(ultimate and Hate Spike are crippled). It makes Eve reliable on her basic attacks and sticking to her target. Duo to the reasons i listed above(lack of gap closer, CC etc) this becomes hard and dangerous task and she cant be played offensively like AP. It requires defensive items to let her sustain in the midst of a battle. This fact raises another issue- the amount of AD she can get isnt enough for good damage output. She needs items which can provide reliable damage source regardless of AD. This can be achieved via spellblades, Triforce and Gauntlet, on-hit effects like Titanic and Blade of the Ruined King, masteries like Fervor etc.

In conclusion, the current best meta way of playing Evelynn is offensive AP and defensive AD comes close under certain conditions. There are other subpar builds like assassin AD, full on-hit build, or full tank build, but they perform worse and you should avoid them in competitive games.

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Stats importance

Understanding how different stats affect your champion is important so you can make the best choices regarding items, masteries and runes. Here is detailed explanation of how stats affect Evelynn. Keep in mind the stats synergy vary depending on your build and even a single item can make a big impact. For an instance, buying Lich Bane will increase the value of AP and magic penetration, while stacking AD increases the effectiveness of your auto attacks and attack speed respectively.

Attack Damage and Ability Power

Evelynn have good scaling with both AD and AP. AP makes better impact on her abilities while AD strengthens her basic attacks. Investing in AP will increase her range and poke ability, while AD will help trading against other melee champs and while clearing jungle camps.


Evelynn's damage is a mixture of magic and physical and it takes both armor and resistance for the enemy to reduce it, which makes his task harder. Unfortunately this also works in the opposite direction and since there are only items penetrating either armor or resistance, they will increase her damage only partially. There are only few sources of hybrid penetration, but they have often drawbacks compared to other options. Penetration can become an important stat in case you amplify a certain damage type, especially with AP build the magic damage output can becomes really high and items like Lich Bane, Echoes and Hextechs are available. This is less true for AD builds, because magic damage still represents a large amount.

Attack Speed

Ravage provides Evelynn with AS steroid, which makes purchasing additional AS less attractive. It also complements stats which scale with AS, such as on-hit effects and AD. Unfortunately most on-hit items come paired with AS, which is a drawback, when there are more needed stats. You should also keep in mind strengthening your basic attacks suggests you have a great ability to stick to your target. There is attack speed cap(~240% bonus as for lvl 18 Eve) and anything over it goes wasted. Ravage on max level gives 120%, which leaves us with a soft cap of about 120% AS. Having Trinity Force and Blade of the Ruined King for example, could place us just on the border, considering other sources of AS that could come from our team, like Warwick's Hunters Call, or Ardent Censer.


One of Evelynn weapons is the ability to roam unseen and mobility can help her to abuse it. As close range champ, move speed is especially important to reach her target. Dark Frenzy scales with flat bonus move speed which is generally coming from boots, but there are other sources like Dead Man's Plate, Phage, Edge of Night and certain masteries.

Armor, Resistance and Health

Durability is especially important for Eve, as a close range champ, since she is forces to enter in the heart of the battle. She also lacks hard CC, or dash tools, which makes for a dangerous play. The large shield provided from Agony's Embrace, makes armor and resistance slightly more valued, while health is generally a cheap stats that comes within many of her most desired items.


Cooldown is pretty much the all around stat which boosts Eve abilities disregarding if she is played as AP or AD, especially if you stack large amount of them, its essential to have. Being able to out-sustain the enemy in longer battles also suggests making better use of CDR, as it can mean casting twice medium CD skills like Ravage and landing few extra Hate Spike, which receives a steady DPS increase from CDR. Dark Frenzy has built in mechanics to refresh its cd, if timed well, you can counter every slow and keep it up through an entire battle, regardless of CDR amount and another passive which makes it scale twice of cdr, since other spells reduce its cd.

Here is a table which portrays how different stats affect your abilities







Basic Attack




















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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Runes are generally a good source of stats for early game to allow for healthy jungle start. Taking in mind the information from theStats Importance section, you might be aware how our runes choices would look. Seals are non scaling armor. I prefer resistance glyphs because Eve is targeted by spells often. They are scaling because usually she is going to encounter an enemy not earlier than level 3. You may consider other options such as AP, or CDR. I dont like AP glyphs because if you make comparison between AP glyphs/quints and AD marks/quints, you will notice they have low value and Hate Spike AP ratio is low early game. Marks and Quints are where you find good source of offensive stats, attack damage is what marks can offer, while quints provide high ability power. In case you go AD build, AD quints are a better option. Hybrid runes are a bad choice overall. For the sake of explanation, lets say the magic penetration component give you 5% more magic damage and the physical the same amount respectively, when half of your damage is magic and the other half phys, they separately apply 2.5% each to your total damage, or 5% combined. A non hybrid champ who does only phys damage would also get 5% total damage via the armor penetration. The thing is there are also phys damage penetration runes which would give him a greater effect. How to justify the use of a lesser effect on hybrid champs?

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The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to play offensive AP or tanky AD. From there, Keystones are the main thing to consider when working your way around the mastery tree. Evelynn is an offensive champion in its core which leads us to focus more on Ferocity and Cunning. In Ferocity Natural Talent appears to be "natural" choice for Eve, regardless of build, because she scales of both stats. The choice in second tier is uncertain, because neither of the masteries gives a clear advantage. In Cunning Savagery provides a great help when fighting jungle camps, especially against solo monsters and it synergy with Ravage AS steroid. Assassin works great in 1v1 dueling situations. Merciless is obvious choice. Greenfather's Gift also offers a cheap damage and even works against monsters. The remaining mastery choices will vary on the build.

Offensive AP

Thunderlord's Decree is a perfect match for bursty setup. It scales of the high AP stack and increase magic damage further. In Ferocity we start with Sorcery since abilities are our main source of damage. Double-Edged Sword is the best option for champ which needs early game burst. Both Precision and Intelligence are fine prelude to Thunderlord.

Defensive AD

Fervor of Battle offers a good source of damage when able to engage in longer battles, stack the AD and make the best use of it. Fury complements the AD ways better. Battle Trance is another mastery which supports more tanky approach and dont share the drawbacks of its tier buddies.
Another option is to pick Resolve for a second tree, if the team requires a more solid tank. In such case start with Unyielding , followed by Tough Skin and Veteran's Scars . Either Insight , or Fearless can work as a final pick.

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Smite is mandatory since its required to buy jungle item and get enough exp from monsters. For a second summoner spell consider Flash, or Ignite for more offensive play, especially helpful to deal with annoying heals.

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Skills Explanation

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Sequence explanation

This is Eve's signature, which sets her so unique, even compared to other stealth champs. Makes regular wards a lot less useful, as they cant reveal you and will only hold a threat if placed in a bush you are hiding while an enemy is close. The only available counter are Vision Ward's. In addition, it greatly improves your mana management.

This ability provides a great sustain damage and helps in jungle camps clear and to chase down enemies. The fact its spammable makes it great for stacking certain effects like Thunderlord's Decree , proc Spellblade on cooldown, or apply spell effects like Rylai's Crystal Scepter You can use it to consume spell shields like Spell Shield and Banshee's Veil. It also lets you use Dark Frenzy more often. It has a bad side against certain champs, like Maokai passive Sap Magic, or Kassadin's Force Pulse

You can use this ability to move faster around your jungle, but save its cd, if there is higher chance of an enemy to be ambushing you. It gives high percent move speed increase, which synergy well with other sources of flat bonus MS like boots. Dont hurry using it to engage and make sure the enemy dont have slow effects you need to counter. Its cooldown gets reset if you earn a kill or assist, so turn it on if an enemy is close to die. If you use it wisely, you can counter every slow with it and keep it through out entire battle.

This is your opener and only burst tool. It provides you with a massive attack speed boost and will trigger on hit effects twice, which makes it cool paired with items like Blade of the Ruined King. It will also apply spellblade. You can use Ravage on nearby minions while sieging a turret, to make use of the attack speed buff

Without Magic Penetration and high AP, your ultimate damage is not very impressive, so we rely mostly on its utility part, thats why you dont always blow it early. Its cd is huge, use it smart, for securing an escaping kill, or save your own life when you actually need the shield. Ofc, its best used when initiating a team fight. Always try to land it on more targets, to expand the shield strength. When playing against certain champs like Zed and Fizz that are able to avoid it with Living Shadow, Death Mark and Playful / Trickster respectively, you should use your ultimate after you make sure they have their evade tool on CD.

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Items Explanation

This items table is outdated, please scroll down to the items explanation

Starting Items

Vision & Trinkets

Jungle & Gold Income


Transition Items



On-hit effects





Example Set's

Why not to use?

* Click on the purple title to jump to the respective part

Starting Items

Hunter's Talisman is mandatory, because its passive in conjunction with Hate Spike will let you leech health from monsters and use the Raptors camp as a regeneration drive thru. Beware it will hold stealth cd for a while. With proper farm tactic, Refillable Potion is enough for your first clear and is a long-term investment, but if you are uncertain in your farming ability, use Health Potion's. Warding Totem is used as a counter-jungle prevention and to deep ward the enemy territory.
Your first priority is to get Smite upgrade. Depending on your remaining gold, get the base of your jungle item, or boots. Dont forget to pick Control Ward early. Hunter's Potion is optional if you feel the need of more sustain.

First back

Vision & Trinkets

Its mandatory to have Control Ward. I always place one early in the bush behind my red Brambleback, which provides safety against counter-jungle and additional protection for my team not to get ganked from far behind. Its recommended to upgrade trinket to Farsight Alteration, which helps to ensure gank rout is not compromised by control ward or traps like Bushwhack and Yordle Snap Trap and allows to deep ward enemy monster camps. Oracle Alteration is another option which counters specific threats like Jack In The Box and Noxious Trap.

Jungler Item

Smite Upgrade

Stalker's Blade is natural pick for Eve, since she lacks slow apart of her ult, but with some practice Skirmisher's Sabre becomes the better choice, which offers greater damage capability and damage reduction which can be key to win duels. The use against champions effect of the other smite upgrades is too good to trade for Tracker's Knife.
The only choice for AP build is Enchantment: Runic Echoes, which offers early burst and mana sustain. Warrior is the most efficient option for AD build, even when defensive oriented, because gank potential is essential for early game. There is a less common approach, to delay the jungle item upgrade and rush core items. It can cost you a good performance early game, but will let you upgrade to Enchantment: Cinderhulk, which is more late game oriented and allows for a different items choice. Enchantment: Bloodrazor is quite weak and Blade of the Ruined King is much better option. Using both is inefficient.


By default Boots of Mobility are good pick to improve roaming during early game and keep safe distance to not reveal yourself while flanking. They let Eve to approach enemies easier in her abilities range and when entering combat, Dark Frenzy and slows can compensate the loss of MS. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are good way to increase the valuable CDR amount and also allows for more summoner spells casts. In an offensive AP build, where magic damage reaches a high ratio, Sorcerer's Shoes are the best option. For defensive AD build, the best option can be defensive boots like Ninja Tabi against AA reliant champions(e.g. ADC's) and Mercury's Treads to counter hard CC. The only boots i wouldnt recommend for any build are Boots of Swiftness, because Dark Frenzy covers the effect of their passive.

Transition Items

There are certain low grade items which make a great impact on Eve, or are able to deal with certain problem without immediately being upgraded to their final state. Hextech Revolver is great source of early gank burst and despite its cheap price it even compete's with Enchantment: Runic Echoes in that department. Sheen can provide an early spellblade. Spectre's Cowl and Warden's Mail and items alike can deal with lack of hp or the need of extra defense. Only carry maximum two of those, or it will become harder to finish the final recipes.


Eve can raise her damage in various ways duo to her scaling with different stats like AD, AP, AS and item features like spellblade and on-hit effects.

Spellblades remain a defining item feature for Evelynn. With a proper build, each one of them can be a core part. Trinity Force is awesome stand-alone item, which provides high DPS regardless if a build offers low amount of AD and other stats, but its expensive and counter-productive if behind. Iceborn Gauntlet on the other hand is very cheap and a safer bet. It offers consistent slow and high armor which can work amazing in certain situations. In AP build, Lich Bane can offer high burst and raise AP scaling and magic damage.
Hextech Revolver is an awesome early pick, which encourages the purchase of its upgrades. Hextech Gunblade is one of the few items you can call hybrid. It gives life leech disregarding the type of damage, high amount of offensive stats which do good scaling on Eve abilities and an excellent on-use skill. hextech probebelt-01 is unique because it can provide Eve with something she lacks, a dash tool. Its very cheap and emerges as a must pick against high mobile targets like Le Blanc, Vayne, Tristana.

On-hit effects

Ravage lets Eve scale with on-hit effects in general and makes them a good source of damage in defensive AD build. Most of those items comes with AS and are tuned for more aa reliant champs so dont purchase many of them. Titanic Hydra is a no AS exception and a perfect pick, but its slightly expensive. Blade of the Ruined King is a good anti tank weapon, especially late game. Guinsoo's Rageblade is the other hybrid item, which makes on-hit's even more useful.
In an offensive AP build magic damage ratio raises alot and penetration can become extremely useful, especially late game. Void Staff can improve damage in such build by far. Liandry's Torment is another option, which is extremely useful against tanks. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is cheap utility item which offers consistent slow.
Ability Power


Evelynn is a close range champion and she takes alot of damage, thats why raising her defense can be of high priority, especially in AD build. Keep armor and resistance high, especially the one which counters your opponents damage the most and also add a chunk of health.
Randuin and Dead Man possess very similar stats, but their passives sets them to be used in different situations. Randuin is obviously more durability focused. It offers a counter against champs relying on basic attacks and critical damage. Dead Man's Plate gives more roaming and ganking cability. zonya's hourglass is the AP option against physical damage, but its preserve use can work against other abilities too, such as Chum the Waters and is good in dangerous team fight engages.



The best defensive options to counter magic damage are Spirit Visage which offers more stats and Banshee's Veil which is cheaper and provides a spell shield. For AP build the prevention against high magic damage is Abyssal Scepter
The remaining item options are generally used in defensive AD build. Maw of Malmortius gives strong offensive stats for Eve paired with magic damage absorption. Sterak's Gage offers alternative to Maw's Lifeline passive in the form of HP shield. Against ADC's and other aa reliant champs, Thornmail can offer additional counter-play. Zz'Rot Portal hold a mix of defensive stats and extra siege feature. Guardian Angel is good even in offensive AP build, as a last resort when fights are deadly.



Elixirs are the last brick to complete your build when game takes too long. The choice here is very straight-forward. Offensive AP build will find extra synergy with Elixir of Sorcery, while defensive AD needed stats in Elixir of Iron. Elixir of Wrath is inferior choice even playing AD and the Sorcery one can do better to boost offense.

Example Set's

This is a list of example sets. In many cases you can use different boots to reflect what opponents you are facing. The perfect item set should usually include a good amount of armor, magic resistance and moderate amount of health. For damage, spellblade and on-hit effect are recommended.
Defensive AD
Offensive AP
This is the standard and most efficient defensive AD build which aims to bring together the most comfortable item options. It provides slow, versatile defense, high mobility, damage and ensures max CDR.

This is great example of an offensive AP build. Echoes, Protobelt and Lich Bane raises AP ratios and magic damage while Void Staff makes sure all that magic damage scales into late game. Guardian Angel is must for such a fragile build, where you can often mess up.

This is an example build to fit Triforce as a more expensive choice. Its kind of a reference to the old bruiser build.

Here we pick Liandry for additional tank counter-play. Since we reach a bit more HP, we can replace GA with a more offensive choice in the face of Hourglass.

In this build a major role plays the synergy of on-hit items and their effectiveness in longer battle, such will require more durability. This is an exception to the team fight oriented AP build and Protobelt is switched for Gunblade, to make for a better single target assassin.

Feel free to request an item build adjusted for an item of your choice in the comments section!

Items to avoid
There is large number of items people wonder if they are good to use, some of them used to be good, but duo to patch changes thats nomore. I've tried to cover those items in the following spoiler, with description for each one of them.
why not to use

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Playstyle & Jungling

This section of the guide contains in depth tips on how to play Eve and manage in the jungle.

First clear

My aim is to reach level 3 asap in healthy state for an early gank. As second objective, i want to pick my buff monsters before the enemy steal them, thats why i start with one of them. I prefer bottom lane, where i can get a better leash(smiteless preferably) and not interfere too much with the lane performance like i would on top. On the way to the second buff monster, i kill Wolves and use the Raptors as a drive thru to leech health, in the order they appear for my part of the jungle. For anyone unfamiliar with the Raptors trick, you just strike them with Hate Spike while running to your next location, without fighting them, meanwhile Hunter's Talisman will steal large amount of health. I often use my trinket as a counter-jungle measure before the second buff monster, especially if thats the Brambleback. After im done with it, im already level 3 and ready for gank. River monster and Raptors are still an option to regenerate health if necessary.
Determining where to go can be as simple as checking lanes in vicinity for low health, or pushing enemies, even better if both. If information on the enemy jungler location is available, counter-jungle or counter-gank is another option.

Monsters & how to deal with them

Casting Smite on large monsters will inflict massive amount of damage and regeneration a portion of your health. There are two large regular monsters which provide buff on kill, the Blue Sentinel and the Red Brambleback. Blue buff gives CDR and mana reg, while Red buff gives slow on attack and hp reg. The Blue Sentinel is vulnerable to magical damage, but resistant to physical while Brambleback the opposite. When fighting Raptors, kill the small ones first, they deal a large amount of damage compared for their size. About Krugs, focus from large to small.

Rift Scuttler- one of those spawns on each side of the river and roams about. They wont retaliate, which makes them good way to regenerate some health. Killing one, will summon an invincible wards on the respective side of the river for a certain amount which provides vision and a speed buff on allies who pass by it.
Rift Herald- this monster dwells Baron Nashors location until his arrival. Its recommended to have at least 2 players to kill it. When its attacked in front, its rear is vulnerable and takes extra damage. It drops a shrine on kill, which can be picked by a member of the slayers team to provide him with a powerful buff with long duration. It charges up and at maximum stacks gives bonus magic damage on next attack.
Baron Nashor- this is the strongest monster on the Summoner's Rift. When killed it provides a team buff which grants bonus to AD, AP, aura which boosts lane minions and a faster Enhanced Recall.


One of four Elemental Dragons will spawn every six minutes if no Dragon is alive, until the 35th minute when an elder Dragon spawns. Killing a dragon gives a permanent buff to the slayer's team, providing bonus depending on the dragon type. Only four elemental dragons can spawn per match. The type of dragon is visible on minimap and by the glowing runes inside its pit.
  • Mountain Drake -increases damage to turret and epic monsters.
  • Infernal Drake Provides bonus to AD and AP.
  • Cloud Drake Provides extra out of combat movement speed.
  • Ocean Drake Restores missing health and mana while out of combat
  • Elder Dragon Grants a powerful burn-over-time on spells and attacks as well as increasing the strength of other elemental drake buffs.


Those small herbs are situated all over the jungle, including the river. Using a single basic attack will destroy them, providing a benefit. There are 3 types of plants, each one having a different spawn area and benefit.
  • Blast Cone- Knocks everyone in its parameter when destroyed, the direction depends on the knocked target position relative to the plant. It spawns behind the Drake pit, between the Sentinel and wolves and close to the team bases on their Brambleback side. It can be used to speed up traveling between camps, but its most useful to escape chase, or quickly leave enemy jungle when countering. The last is a big plus to Eve, which naturally lacks that option unlike other junglers.
  • Scryer's Bloom- when destroyed, releases a large cloud in the pointed direction, which gives vision for a short and reveals champions and wards. Its very useful to check enemy jungle location, or for possible wards and traps(im speaking about you Teemo). They spawn near jungle exits and can be used to scout Drake and Baron too.
  • Honeyfruit- after being destroyed, it drops few fruits. Each fruit can be picked to replenish a portion of health and mana, but also applies a short slow. The Honeyfruits spawn about the river. Besides used to regenerate, they could be used as a slow field to partly slow enemies reaching you when doing drake or simply running away.


Jungler is prolly the most important role. Its the most independent, impacts game the most, but this means, not only the jungler can win the game, he can also loose it. His mistakes can be most crucial. Evelynn in particular is very different from other champions. Her play-style can vary from build to build. AP builds are more assassin oriented and obviously she adopts that play-style- taking down squishies and contributing large amount of damage in team fights. AD build on the other hand is more bruiser oriented. her job will be to bait on enemies, join with strong engages and pull enemies attention away from allied carries, peel for them, occasionally assassinating fragile enemies. It also offers greater dueling capability against more durable enemies. Its of crucial importance to adjust your play-style to reflect your item build.
Evelynn is strongest during early and mid game, when players are in laning phase. Then you can really pick on zoned and unprepared enemies. This makes it really important to have early power spike and means minding your gold gain. Expensive items can delay that power spike, avoid them unless ahead. Thats why Echoes and Warrior are so important to have. Thats why Triforce or Rabbadon can be hard to fit. Late game you should stick with your team and combine efforts for important game objectives like taking turrets, Drake and Baron. Eve has strong team fight potential, but her assassin capability is compromised if the enemy team stays grouped.
Evelynn main weapon is her stealth. When ganking, dont rush engage, but wait for a good opportunity. She is stripped of CC and gap closers, thats why its important to hit the best moment for gank, when the enemy is vulnerable. This could be when he is pushing and alone, which makes it hard for him to retreat to safety. Let the enemy bait on your allies, make sure they use some cds. Consult with your team and join them when the enemy is out of Flash, ultimate or other important abilities. Certain champions dont need much help and can provide almost certain gank success, such can be assassins like Fizz, Zed and Ahri, or champs with strong CC like Mao'kai, Riven and Pantheon and others like Rumble, Darius etc. If you have such champion in your team, make sure you abuse his power.
Dont take it to you to help everyone at all cost. You goal is to win, not to help. Sometimes there are bad players, or bad champions, where you cant help. When a lane is loosing and the enemy is fed, it can take great amount of resources to help(time, spells, cds) with a lower chance of success. At the end instead of one player behind, you might become two and the enemy even more fed. Focus your power on certain objectives, where you can earn more, with less effort. This is how you can carry a teammate whos behind.
For maximum farm efficiency, try to line up your objectives. Take monster camps on the way for a gank, or while expecting something to happen in the area, e.g. Drake fight. Avoid runing from one side of the map to the other for split matters. Tax lane minions when you give kills to your team. After successful gank, abuse the enemy weakness and push for turret, or force a more important objective like Drake and Baron. Remember Evelynn is very dependent on her team for such objectives and you gotta make sure you have their support. She is naturally a bad split pusher. Item build can fix those gaps to certain degree.
Beside simply out-ganking the enemy jungler, a major option is to counter him. This basically consists of following his location and decision and predicting them. This can let you counter his ganks, farm his area of the jungle while he is away, or even snipe a Drake. Eve is especially strong at prowling and is very capable to steal monsters which the enemy is fighting, or surprising him unprepared. Ofc the same can happen to you. You should be aware, especially when playing against certain champs which are strong in this department such Lee Sin, Jarvan IV, Shaco, Rengar and Nunu. There are small tricks on your disposal to handle such situation, like fighting monsters in a bush, positioning with good vision to a possible gank rout and ofc, wards. Control ward is a must to have and can secure almost an entire part of your jungle. In dire situations, ask your team for additional assistance and warding. The most important thing is do not get tilt and fall to follow the counter-jungle taunt. Sometimes you cant directly face the enemy and fight him and is better to just use the time he is busy farming your monsters to gank his team or take his part of the jungle.

Thanks to MrMad2000 for the picture and here it is as promised!