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Content Reviewer

Content Reviewer/Submition Selection

Position: Content Reviewer
Type: Full Time Contract
Status: CLOSED

MOBAFire is currently looking for a Content Reviewer to review user submitted content on

This position requires a solid understanding of League of Legends game play, tatics, team composition and more. The candidate must thrive on reviewing hours of video content on a weekly basis, selecting specific content based on requirements from your supervisor. This position is open to anyone with the right attitude and knowledge and does not require any specific hard skills other than basic computer use which of course you have if you claim solid knowledge of game mechanics and tactics.

This position will be contract 3 months to start working as part of the MOBAFire Team. The position requires dedication and the desire to review countless amounts of League of Legends content along with the ability to select content based on skill knowledge, tatics or many other LoL important factors.

Working with a team means compromise, flexibility, commitment and a “let’s get it done” attitude. We are a team who does what it takes to make it happen. We work hard, play hard and allow the flexibility for the two to co-exist harmoniously. It’s up to you to manage your time wisely and effectively. Play when you want to play, work when you are productive but remember you are part of a team and have firm deadlines you must meet. Freedom to work as you choose means excuses are not part of our vocabulary.

What we want to see from you:

If you have a passion for reviewing video game content here is how to apply:

If you have any experience tell us what it is and from where.

Describe for us specifically why you feel you are qualified to review LoL content, be specific about the knowledge you posses and how you can apply it to this position.

Include something about yourself and why you want to work with MOBAFire Network. Please send your inquiry to: CLOSED
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