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Star Developer Wanted!

MOBAFire is looking for a superstar PHP developer

Position: PHP Developer
Type: Full Time Contract
Status: CLOSED

We are looking for a star developer to join our team. You will be working directly with Matt and FlashJ to build and expand MOBAFire and the MOBAFire Network. We are not looking for entry-level or junior developers, we are looking for talent, a star developer, and we are ready to reward you as such. This is an opportunity to get in at the ground floor of a small but booming startup.

This is not a dreary cubicle job where you will be told exactly what to do every day by walking suits. We are gamers, we are a young startup, things here are "fast and loose". While there will be times where we have very specific and detailed tasks that we need you to execute, there will also be times where our directions are vague and open. If you obtain joy from creating awesome things and sharing them with the public, if you have a long backlog of pet projects, if you read up on new ideas and technologies and experiment with them for fun, if you find the idea of working at a startup exciting, you will very much enjoy working with us. You must be able to adapt to a constantly changing level of pace and direction and you must be able to thrive in that environment.

While we will not be holding your hand in terms of direction you do need to be prepared to enter into, and play along with, a very proprietary coding environment that has been completely built by and tailored to the preferred methods of one developer - Matt. While our system uses a few open sourced components the vast majority of it has been written from scratch with integration, scale and rapid construction in mind. We are definitely open to evolving these systems and methods over time (something we do on a daily basis), but you need to be able to accept the existing standards set out in the platform and adhere to them while expanding on it. Something not all developers are willing or happy to do!

Due to our startup nature, this is a risk and reward position. As we said above, this is a young startup that is growing very fast. It will not be a walk in the park, but if you can handle it and excel in this environment, the rewards will be worth it!

What We Need / Sell Yourself!

So, interested? Well now it's your turn to talk. Send us your resume, but more than that, we want you to sell yourself to us. Show us your work, tell us your favorite stories, relate your own experiences to us. Show us what you will bring to the table and what excites you about working on this team. Here are a few topics for you to focus in on.

* PHP Development:
The vast majority of our systems are composed of PHP and almost all of it is written by us. This is what you will spend most of your time doing. You need experience working with PHP. Really working with PHP. Not cobbled together scripts and spaghetti PHP as is quite common, but large-scale and highly organized PHP. Building a company landing page or a shopping cart is an entirely different universe from building a large-scale integrated social app that needs to evolve rapidly and still be able to shrug off millions of page loads.

* Scaling:
We must constantly adapt to rapid growth, both in terms of traffic and in terms of system complexity. This is an area that can be very creative and incredibly rewarding.

* UX:
We spend a lot of time perfecting the tools and interfaces on our sites to give our users the best experience. Many of these tools require a lot of client-side scripting, and sometimes a complex mix of client- and server-side code. JQuery is used liberally throughout these tools.

* DBA:
Managing the volume of data we receive and utilize requires some clever use of data storage tools, primarily MySQL with a sprinkling of other tech. Low level knowledge of the inner workings and limitations of MySQL can pay off in big ways.

* Server Administration:
Due to the rapidly changing nature of what we do, we favor Cloud solutions for hosting our systems and media, running custom configured servers with open source packages. Working in the Cloud brings a lot of its own benefits, as well as pitfalls.

* Social Media:
Our projects are very much community-driven. A lot of the complexity of the system revolves around getting our community involved directly and rewarding them for their efforts.

* Gaming:
We are a gaming company. The more you love gaming, the more you will love working with us.

The Fine Print

While we work 100% remotely at the moment and many of our staff are spread throughout North America, we are trying to put together a local build team that we can work very closely with. We are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada so unfortunately at this time we can only accept candidates that are located in or near the greater Vancouver region or are willing to relocate here. This is a full time contract position.

To apply, send an email with your resume and any other information you think will get us interested in you, to Only serious applications please. We will review all applications but will only reply to potential candidates. If we are impressed and we feel you may be the right fit for this team we will get back to you right away to set up a proper interview.

Good luck!!

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