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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sosh

1 Step 2 Step Tumble

Sosh Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Hi now as most people probably know Vayne is the new AD ranged carry released by Riot games. If you plan to take Mid or a Solo-Lane with this build pick up a Doran's Blade for the increased early game survivability. This is my first guide and im not really going to have alot to write in the intro or anything so yea... read this sentence.

P.S.- Unforunately it doesnt seem that Warwick or Vladamir are normal vampires and werewolves... silver isnt super effective against them so dont expect it to be ( but honestly it does hurt vladamir alot... with his health pool it still does 8% of his total health and seeing as he normaly has so much health it will hit harder then on other casters.)

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Pros / Cons

Pros to vayne... I find her damage is off the charts and is probably one of the highest early game bursts along with an amazing ability to chase champions. She also has a knockback/stun which can be used to avoid ganks but sometimes isnt viable against champions with gap closers. She is also alot of fun to play and is alot like the ranged version of Shaco.

Cons...There are alot more cons then you would think. First off Vayne has one of the lowest basic health pools in game and if im not mistaken "please correct me if i am" is only beaten by Ashe for having the least health. She also doesnt have a good escape mechanism without Ghost/Flash even though she has a stealth it lasts 1.5 seconds and doesnt get you as far away as Shaco's Decieve. Her Condemn is also on a pretty long cooldown and you have to position the shot correctly to stun them against a wall or other solid object(which can be hard while running away)

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My build focuses on the"Silver Bolts" which causes 4/5/6/7/8% of targets maximum health as true damage on every 3rd consecutive shot. I feel that as of right now this is a very high powered ability and should be treated like wise. (abuse it) I focus atk speed early game and gain the damage for basic attacks and Tumble later in the game.(along with survivability) I choose flat attack speed marks seals and quintessences for high early game attack speed for an extremely effective W- "Silver Bolts".

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I use the basic 21/0/9 build and grab 1 in Haste for teh increased Ghost speed. Many people feel that because of her Passive and Ultimate there is no need for Ghost but they are incorrect. Its used yes if you need to go even faster to chase down an enemy otherwise its one of your much needed escape mechanics. Along with flash this makes you very hard to kill early game when your survivability is so low.

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Now i put the item purchase order in that i usually do "this depends on how good of an early game you have" I find it easier to sometimes to buy my first BF Sword after the first zeal if im doing very good early game. Most people would say that theres no need to have this much attack speed but i disagree. This build will tear apart squishy characters but also rip through tanks no matter how much armor they have. Optional items i would recomend would be a warmogs instead of the Black Cleaver if you feel they are able to kill you too quickly.

Basic Build recomended in guide, this is built for killing those OP bulky dps
Optional items instead of black cleaver are for teams you go against that arent as tanky and you want to be able to crit them more often and harder in this case you should pick up a infinitys edge over black cleaver. If you prefer to still have a black cleaver substitute out the bloodthirster for it and this will give you more attack speed (which is always good) and allow yourself to cut through armor along with the 8% true damage after every 3rd hit.

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Skill Sequence

I choose my skill sequence based off of Silver Bolts early game harrasing abilities and having condemn to save you early game. I max out Silver bolts as quickly as i can and put 1 into condemn for the knockback/stun while laning. I get Tumble for the increased atk speed and harrasment capabilities. If used correctly you can shoot once tumble shoot condemn and it will instantly get another shot off after the condemn if you dont back off and easily half health any early game champion. (this combo can be started by level 4 with Lvl 1 Tumble Lvl 2 Silver bolts and Lvl 1 Condemn.) I base most of my build off ofSilver Bolts and Tumble leaving condemn to just be a Knockback/stun lifesaver. Therefore i max Condemn last and Get my ulti Respectively at 6/11/16.

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Summoner Spells

For my summoney spells i prefer Ghost and Flash though Cleanse is a fine alternative if you prefer to have a stun breaker. Ghost isnt really put in the build for chasing fleeing enemies because usually your ultimate and passive will keep you faster then the enemey team. I get ghost for those times when you just have to flee and your passive doesnt work when your not facing your enemy. This is mistaken often and ive seen alot of Vayne's die saying "How did he catch me with my passive".
Flash i get because of its potential for finishing off the target after your tumble shot and the ability to escape and avoid ganks. like Warwick walks into your lane ready to ulti on you. Simply use your ultimate and tumble into a nearby bush while stealthed. Then you can simply flash away so he cant ulti you in bush transition or when ur trying to get around a wall.

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Team Work

There are a few ways in which Vayne can help her team other then destroying enemy players and ganking easily. In team fights you can use your Condemn ability to knock enemy carries away from your support or carries. 2nd if positoned properly you can stun the enemy carry which will save you team alot of damage for a second or two. It is also possible if you are good enough to bait enemy carries and lead them away from teamates who are low by running towards them using your ultimate and then tumbling away so they try to chase you to catch you out of your invisibility.

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Last hit ALOT dont just focus on killing champs.

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No just no and no some more... her W may do decent damage to creeps but she doesnt have the survivability to be a good early game jungler. At about lvl 7 you are able to kill Blue and red buff alone so jungling wont work out very well.

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Why theres no pictures with skill descrptions

I know that there is a way to post skill and item images into builds that will have the description of the object in the image. By using Ctrl I you can put in a url that contains the image your looking for to do this. Unfortunately this is my first guide and i dont know where to find these links and am currently stuck with it like this. If you could post a comment to tell me how i would greatly appreciate it.