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Irelia Build Guide by Lunasta

Top gold

[ 10.1 ] Simplifying Irelia

By Lunasta | Updated on January 16, 2020
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Blumbee | January 27, 2020 4:28am
Hello Lunasta! I have a question to ask: How do I survive in teamfights as Irelia- Like you know the items - steraks gage or titanic hydra - these items don't seem to help me in teamfights.. I barely survive.. especially when their are bursty mages and assassins that one shot me.. Even if i wait for my team to go in I still die.. please help me. Thank you- By the way your guide is awesome!
mustangcody | December 18, 2019 2:20pm
I made an account to type this.

There is so much wrong with this guide,
1. How are you going to make a guide explaining the hardest and most fine micro champ in the game, when you're in gold?
2. Who starts w first over E? E has a shorter CD and can kill multiple minions in bad matchups, and the mana cost is lower at 50.
3. Why are all the extreme and major threats, midlaners? Isn't this a top guide? Also Darius is even? What?
4. No steraks in the items.

Do not follow this guide, its mainly misleading.
Lunasta | December 22, 2019 4:32pm
Sorry honey, but this is a mid/top guide, there IS sterak in the items and if you don't know how to counter Darius as a Irelia you should read my guide :P i'm sooorry if you didn't like it but you can always make your own guide ya know? if you do create it, send it to me, maybe we can help each other ^^
mustangcody | December 23, 2019 11:07am
Yeah you changed it, You labeled the guide as Top, You added Steraks, And the Darius match up advice isn't advice.
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Irelia Guide
[ 10.1 ] Simplifying Irelia
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