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Maokai Build Guide by Mr buckets

Support grandmaster

[10.20] EUW Challenger guide on how to Meowkai support

By Mr buckets | Updated on October 2, 2020
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Runes: Main runepage (Check notes)

Font of Life
Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

++8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


Summoner spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 54%
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Champion Build Guide

[10.20] EUW Challenger guide on how to Meowkai support

By Mr buckets
Plans for guide
This guide is new, and will still be updated throughout every patch. Would be really nice if you would give an upvote and recommend it to any of your friends who wants to try out Meowkai support!
Introduction Back to Top
I'm Lathyrus, but you might know me as Bardlymissed.
You might have seen me from other high elo streamers.

I started playing League Of Legends in summer 2017 (Season 7). I started off as a jungler to gain experience, but later on, I swapped to support where I began maining Bard. After picking up Bard, I started climbing and ended up in challenger in March 2018 (Season 8).

Though I do main Bard, if he is ever banned, I tend to always go for Maokai (or better yet Meowkai support as my second option.

The reason why I play Meowkai is because I think he is a really strong pick right now. He has a good presence in fights with his ultimate but also the potential to stick to someone. His vision control is one of his strong perks because of his saplings giving vision and he can throw them from far away.



Before the guide starts we would like to invite everyone to come watch both Lathyrustv and Flayless when they are live at:

Pros and Cons Back to Top

+ Easy to get vision
+ Good ult for objectives
+ Good ult for disengage
+ Damage is high for being a tank
+ Good Crowd control
+ Really tanky
+ Easy to peel for ADC
+ Good engage

Meowkai is a good frontline tank who is able to keep him and his team alive very well with his kit. His ultimate, Nature's Grasp is a good engage, disengage, and peeling tool, which Meowkai can use very well in many situations. Some situations could be him zoning enemies away while doing dragon or taking a tower. But also used as a good flank tool for an engage. His E, Sapling Toss provides Meowkai safety when he wants vision. He can throw his saplings from 1100 range distance to provide him vision, making it really useful for warding but also keep up vision in the middle of the fights. Meowkai 's Q Bramble Smash, and W Twisted Advance are the 2 abilities he will use for the engage or peeling, as it is his low cooldown crowd control abilities. His passive Sap Magic is what makes Meowkai seem really tanky because it heals him based on his max hp.

- Early game is weak
- Passive stacks with items and lvls
- Very dependant on follow up

With Meowkai 's passive, Sap Magic scaling per level and max health, makes it take some time for him to be able to feel the big use of it. The reason why Meowkai is weak early, is simply because champions that are similar like Leona or Nautilus, they just out damage him, are tankier with their abilities and has more early crowd control. Meowkai 's kit is either for peel or for engage. Having a team that isn't good for followup on your engage, will determine if your role is full-on peel duty. Or if you can still do both. A team with good followup will make sure you will always have backup when you go in, so you might have a chance to survive in fights.
Team compositions (Synergies/Counters) Back to Top
In this chapter I'll talk about which team compositions I'm hoping to get when i plan on playing Meowkai support.

My favourite is definetely a team which offers a lot of engage, so I'm not the only engage that we will have. So toplaners like Kled or Ornn. Junglers like Gragas or Jarvan IV. For carries, I just want someone who usually can follow up on the engage. There is many champions to mention, but you should be able to figure that out.
Summoner Spells Back to Top
In the current meta, on almost every support, You should go Flash and Ignite.
For Meowkai goes the same, Ignite and Flash is just the summoner spells to go.
Runes - Aftershock Back to Top
Aftershock is definitely the choice here. With a point and click crowd control ability from Twisted Advance, activating Aftershock becomes really easy for Meowkai and it is also the best rune to take trades with in lane. The tanky stats and the good amount of damage that Aftershock offers, can make Meowkai really scare early on. In mid to late-game, having the tanky stats is the biggest pro where the damage is not as scary anymore. But this rune is definitely what keeps Meowkai alive.
Font of Life
Font of Life is the most consistent rune of the 3 options, as Demolish is not used in every game, because junglers often comes down or sometimes Meowkai will have the losing lane. Besides that, Font of Life is really good for peeling as all of his spells have movement impairment. And Shield Bash is just bad. You don't have any shields.
Bone Plating
Bone Plating is a really big help to survive through trades early on, because at level 1, it allows you to block a total of 90 damage from the rune. Which is almost 1/6 of most champions max health. The only con about the rune is the 45 seconds cooldown. But its number stats are just way higher early game, which is where you will need it the most.
This rune is to keep Meowkai alive. The % heal increase scales up REALLY fast with Meowkai 's passive and helps out on your other rune choice, Font of Life. And the endgame stats on Revitalize usually seems pretty good.
Biscuit Delivery
This rune will help your survive versus the many poking supports, while also helping Meowkai 's weak mana pool by giving you 3 Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will. These will not only act as normal potions, but also give you mana back, and will also increase your maximum mana. Although Minion Dematerializer is certainly also a safe choice, the biscuits will just keep you healed up more, and also help you out with that oh so important mana.
Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight is the most consistent rune of the bottom 3 runes in the inspiration tree for Meowkai , cooldown for Meowkai is really good as his kit is based a lot around cooldowns. It also reduces cooldowns on your summoner spells, which is always a nice touch.
Minor Runes
For your minor runes you will be taking one cooldown reduction rune, one armour rune, and one magic resist rune. As mentioned earlier, Meowkai is very heavily reliant on cooldown reduction, so getting that extra bit of it is always amazing. The armour and magic resist runes will help you out becoming a lot tankier.
Item page - Aftershock Back to Top
Relic shield
Relic Shield is the only option here. You dont have the range, cooldowns or the mana to attack or use spells to stack up a Spellthief's Edge and the rest of the support items is just not worth, because they give attack damage which Meowkai doesnt scale with.
Mercury's Treads
After the nerf to Mobility Boots it makes them not worth taking anymore, that is why for Meowkai I now recommend taking Mercury's Treads instead, they won't give you the same roaming potential, but they will turn you into an unstoppable beast.
Sunfire Cape
Sunfire Aegis brings some much needed armour and health into the build, while still not giving up on some sneaky damage. The burn damage will stack up quickly once you get close, where it is also buffed by Abyssal Mask.
Abyssal Mask
Abyssal Mask is a great item to have to solve your mana issues, as well as giving your abilities more oompf, and of course making you a lot tankier. The extra magic damage, will not just help your normal abilities deal more damage, it will also boost the burn damage from Liandry's Anguish
Liandry's Torment
Fun item for Meowkai your Sapling Toss's damage will be increased a lot by the % health burn from this item. And with the Ability power and health gained from this item, will make you a scary Meowkai . This is where your true support ability will shine. Meowkai is extremely good at setting up for objectives, with his liandries empowered saplings. Use them to set up for sieges, drakes, barons, and you'll be able to chunk your enemies hard before they can even get to the fight.
Last Item
Your last item, although games rarely will last enough to get to, is very dependant on what you will still need in game. Some good options are Frozen Heart when you still need armour, Spirit Visage if you still need magic resistance, or you can go for some more supportive items and pick up a Redemption or Shurelya's Battlesong
Laning phase/Early game Back to Top
Meowkai 's early game is fairly weak compared to the other meta picks there is out there right now. He is pretty good at setting up plays around botside with his crowd control, so asking for ganks early on is a good thing, because if it succeeds, getting to your mid to lategame faster is really beneficial for you. Always keep this mindset at the start of each game.

Thought Meowkai has a fairly week early, he is not to be messed to be messed with. If Meowkai lands an entire combo with hitting all of his spells, including hitting an empowered Sapling Toss and hit the active of Aftershock, he can easily remove 30-50% of the carry's health in just level 3. If your opponent tries to fight in your minion wave, you want to try to keep the crowd controlled for as long as you can in the wave, as minions is a big damage output in every game during laning phase.
Mid game Back to Top
Now its time for you to become your teams wards and your carrie's peeling machine. Meowkai 's job at this point of the game is walk around the map with Sapling Toss and wards to bring vision for your team. While teamfight is beginning to happen a lot more, you will now start to focus on who is the carry on the team for you to peel for. Remember to buy lots of Control Wards to deny vision from your opponents.

This is also a tip for lategame. But using Nature's Grasp for zoning away enemy team from any objective, can be really good for you team. It does not mean you have to go in, as it is not a waste. As long as you and your team will focus on the objective, you bought time for your team to finish off the objective so you can back off and wait for the cooldown to wear off.
Late game Back to Top
Now it becomes risky to die and you've got to be aware of what you are doing now. Now you want to focus on the objectives because it is at this point of the game where dragon souls, elder dragon or Baron will be really important to get. Luckily this is where Meowkai as a champion is also getting better. With multiple items completed and levels gotten, all of you scaling abilities will be really good. As explained in other chapters above, Meowkai 's abilities is all very good and has really good scaling. And with all the items buffing up the effeciency of the spells, then Meowkai turns into a peeling (But with good damage zoning abilities) beast.

Meowkai in lategame should focus on zoning away people from either the objective or his carry in teamfights. His Sapling Toss and Nature's Graspis your high potential zoning abilities which does plenty of damage, especially if you have Liandry's Anguish at that point of the game. Bramble Smash and Twisted Advance will be your crowd control to peel off any threats for your carry in the teamfights. This will help your team a big time as you can deal damage to their backline by having good placements on your zoning abilities but also saving your carry who will deal most of the damage for your team.
Reddit guide Back to Top
If you'd like another guide, i've made a guide for Bard which might even help you more, please go to;

Remember to upvote this guide! And the reddit guide! Will help us a lot!
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