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Warwick Build Guide by ScottTheTeemo

Jungle diamond

[10.23] *UPDATED. Number 1 Warwick Guide 80% winrate to Ma

By ScottTheTeemo | Updated on November 14, 2020
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Runes: s10 runes

Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role
Ranked #21 in
Jungle Role
Win 49%
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80% winrate to Masters

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Hi Guys (and cute girls) , my name is ScottTheTeemo. Come say hi @ ! !! ~)__(~~

Made a very easy guide that everyone can follow and climb with. I'll add more and more details as time flows + update the guide for you guys.

Warwick is what I consider the easiest jungle champ to to climb with. He is great in low elo, but does not perform TOO well in high elo.

I'll add and update something new as time passes.

Since my time is very limited due to streaming, acting and setting up youtube, I'll add new things as much as I can every day, but be patient with me......
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When to build Cinderhulk VS Warriors

THIS is the eternal question.

Do I go tanky from start? Do I go slightly dmg heavy early?

DEPENDS ON ENEMY TEAM COMP. (our team as well)

1. Ally doesn't have any tanks? Cinderhulk
2. Enemy has no tanks? Warrior
3. You and your team is very ahead? Warrior
4. You're ahead but your team is not? Warrior
5. You are slightly ahead? Cinderhulk
6. Enemy has a fast burst champ (jax, zoe, kat,leblanc) that is fed? Cinderhulk
7. Enemy has a lot of tanks? Cinderhulk
8. Enemy is ahead, but has no tank? -Gamble, warrior if you believe you can kill-
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Skill Sequence

While ganking, get close enough but slightly out of vision: Press W for speed towards enemy champ. You want to hold Q down and follow the enemy through his/her flash/movement.

If possible, hit the first E just before you Q follow. Press the 2nd E for Fear into enemy after possible flash or movement. Auto twice after for the Press the Attack dmg.

When Sequencing this same plan, you can use it on multiple enemy backline for that Mass Fear. Make sure to ULT as soon as your health starts to go low.

Remember, your ult will have more jump if you run into enemy with more speed (W or other movement speed from teammates). You can use ult to pick an enemy for your team , or use it to peel the enemy off your dmg carry.
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Blue smite or red... honestly, doesn't affect the game too much....
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Creeping / Jungling

Option 1 : Start Red Bottom -> Blue -> Gromp it will give you lvl 3. Keep your smite and invade enemy jg and find enemy and steal enemy camp while he leashes for you / kill the enemy jgler. (risky if you don't have mid prio)

Option 2 : Full clear normally like most other junglers, look for mid/top gank/shadow for 2 vs 2 at lvl 3.

Option 3 : Vertical jungle after starting whichever buff when you can predict the enemy is starting the opposite side of the map. This makes enemy waste pathing as long as you clear vision as you head up.

If you don't get the first kill early, it will be very hard to snowball the game to your liking.

If you do not succeed the first gank, do not fret. Try you're tunneling bot a few times. Double kill bot and repeat gank will get you an easy win.

Calculate each scenario, watch the maps, don't be afraid to ping ferociously at your team to communicate. Also, you can type in a nice mannered way, so they listen and cooperate.
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Unique Skills

Learn the mechanics, and get comfortable with them. There's nothing more embarrassing than missing your ult in-front of your whole team. Practice a lot on moving targets.

Don't make ults too obvious, feint and try to line yourself well into the enemy if you need to .

You can use your ult to : Pick enemy champ for your team, lifesteal to survive when you're low, hold/peel for your carries , GET OUT USING ULT instead of flashing out, and stall time for your team to come help if you get caught....
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1. Taliyah
2. Kindred
3. Jax
4. Nocturne
5. Shaco

I always ban graves now.. if graves banned, olaf
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My current bans are graves/olaf. Really depends on when my pick is in champ select.

Graves is a safe ban always.

Olaf is something you could beat pre 6. Another thing you can do is take Ignite instead of Flash to fight him later on in the game post 6.
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Taliyah is a hard counter, she farms well, kites ww and out speeds him in the jg early.

Best advice, counter gank when she ganks. Ask your team for help and ward around the jg.

DODGE her Knock up and skill shots to the best of your abilities...
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This champ will literally give you so much cancer... don't fight her pre 6 if possible
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Jax is very interesting. You shouldn't try to fight him early, and you shouldn't fight him late. There is a small window between lvl 5 to 11 ish where you outscale him. Fight then, if you are even on levels, farm and kda.

Gank where he's not ganking, or counter gank by setting up walk up to lane bush gank with a pushing top laner.

If a few early things fail, just farm til 6, let your teammates know you are farming to 6. Apologize about it because people get triggered off the stupidest things in ranked :P
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Definitely watch out for this guy. You CAN technically outplay him if you time your E before his "spellshield" , but its not worth the risk.

Same as jax, play smart. Gank where he's not ganking, or counter gank depending on the hp/mana of your laners.

After 6, he's just going to counter gank you anyways with ult. Don't gank first, let him gank a lane, either counter gank that. OR you can go to a lane opposite to his ganking.

If he wastes too much time bot, take his top camps. Vice versa for top/bot.

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Shaco, is not that scary. The only reasons why you might want to watch out are:

1. Smurfs (A LOT of shaco smurfs in plat-dia)
2. He has ignite. Since, warwick's fighting is based on regen as the fight goes long, ignite is a very scary counter to him.
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Build order

1. Rush Tiamat asap. This needs to be first priority. It will increase your farming productivity by a lot.

2. Complete 650 gold jg item (half core) + basic boots. You end up holding for your laners a lot as a jgler. Since the nerf for jglers, every CS you get without completed jg item will give less gold.

3. upgrade boots (you need mobility as a jgler)

4. Cinderhulk jg item 1st core finish (gives you ton of hp , extra dmg + faster clear)

5. Tiatanic Hydra (So much dmg + extra health, save it for team fights 15 seconds cd i believe)

6. Spirit Visage (Extra healing <- must have for ww. The extra MR/Health helps as well)

7. Righteous Glory (I personally like the righteous glory. With W, it gives such a huge movement speed... Enemy exhaust won't work on you. Easy picking after this item)

8. Against AD heavy enemies, go for deadman's plate. Thornmail works too, but it does not give moment speed.

9. Against AP heavy enemies Adaptive Helm.

10. Honestly Abyssal Mask and Wits End aren't so good anymore.. Hard to win with those items.

11. You can be the decider between G.A. or Trinity Force.

G.A. is definitely for that one big team fight. Go into enemy back line with Righteous glory, E, Flash E activiate. and fight with titanic + Q hold. You'll probably get deleted before you ult. (If you can, ULT to kill adc or their dps carry) G.A. will buy time for your teammates to catch up.

Trinity Force: Pros-> Stupid item for mana, attack speed, crazy dmg, additional health.

(Cons -> expensive as hell, games are over before you can build it)

Btw, if you plan to go dmg heavy, you can change the jg item from cinderhulk to the warrior..
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Predict enemy's cc based skillshot, let it hit you as you ult.

If Morgana is in enemy's team, don't engage until her E (Black shield) is used.

Against Graves PRE 6, close gap with W -> Q lock as you E -> 2nd E to fear.
(However, if he has red buff and is kiting you, try to back off as you ping for help. If you think you will die, feint a back and as he follows you, turn and q + auto to life steal)
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Team Work

Warwick works really great with a high dps champ (top). So try to cheese top, if you're top is trading health well.

*Update GRAVES BAN OVER KINDRED. Kind is great ban .. but graves can hyper carry against you... Your choice :P
League of Legends Build Guide Author ScottTheTeemo
ScottTheTeemo Warwick Guide
[10.23] *UPDATED. Number 1 Warwick Guide 80% winrate to Ma
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