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Talon General Guide by Kyiros

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kyiros

100% Crit Talon!

Kyiros Last updated on May 9, 2012
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TO START I WOULD LIKE TO THANK -thatsnotmypirate- for the inspiration that helped this build out, check it out here

Also! People have been telling me constantly 'Talon isn't a regular DPS champ, he's a burst assassin.' While I agree completely, I wanted to offer a way to play his as a DPS champ while still being able to dole out that wonderful burst damage.

Welcome to the wonders of 100% crit talon!
Bear with me for this is my first guide up, thought I think you'll enjoy it.
While Talon is not the person I play the most, he is very enjoyable to play.

For the most part this wont be one of those flashy guides with pictures galore as I do not know how to do that stuff.

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This guide will show you the wonders of AS + 100% crit talon. While being able too dole out massive damage with your Abilities, you'll not be limited by cooldowns. With some lifesteal thrown in you'll be dropping bodies in the fields of justice with out much of a scratch.

-Warning: your life is not in my hands and therefore I can not be held resposible for any deaths you may receive- :P

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Pros / Cons

Early game is nice (if played right)
Your late game damage will wreck Squishies in seconds and those pesky Tanky Deeps in not much longer
Since your going to need to use your abilities for near All your damage early game you'll become more skilled in how and when to use them.
You too are squishy!
Thornmail is your worst enemy at times. (Less you can lifesteal through it)
Until late game mid game your relying on your burst of abilities rather than your auto-attacks
(Theres more that I can;t name off the top of my head for both pro and con)

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Ranked Play

I've played a few games in ranked though haven't played enough to tell whether this is viable in it.

Send me something if you try it out! :D!

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Team Work

When working with your team (OR ATLEAST I HOPE YOU ARE) You should be doing the following:

When an Ally is being chased, UNLESS THIS PUTS YOU IN GREAT DANGER, Throw rake at the pursuer to slow him/her, Or if you can, Jump the foe and A) Kill him/her or B) Do enough damage where said foe will run away at which time you can then decide if you want to go for the kill or walk away not willing to risk being jumped yourself.

In team fight you shoooould:

Target the Squishy/Carry! Then when your job is done start helping your allies drop the enemy. (Start with the Friend in most danger if you can, They'll probably be grateful.)

Above all! Try to stick with the team!
A dead Talon is a Talon doing no damage and while my build contradicts having the health to stay alive longer (Though I think the lifesteal does fine in itself.), It's nice when your not getting focused down 5v1 then having your team get mauled in a 5v4 because i felt you could grab that extra kill.

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Skill Sequence

In my opinion its

Shadow Assault>Rake>Noxion diplomacy>Cutthroat

Rake has that awsome slow that procs twice if done right and it triggers your passive
TIP: You can use Rake to brush check (normally), throw it into a bush and if you hear the sound of blade to champion back off or get the jump in them if you know you can take them.

Noxion diplomacy is awsome in conjuction with ignite as double DoT's can help with those last hits. PLus who doesn;t like see-ing where your prey is flee-ing to?

Cutthroat is not much more that a gap closer until late game when you start to max it. That Damage Amp will do wonders with ALL DAT CRIT.

In a fight I normally proceed as such:

Activate Noxion Diplomacy, Cuthroat to enemy, after your auto attack tags them with the bleed send out your outward rake and then DIRECTLY AFTER use your ult. if done right, your ult outward and inward should be doing their damage just as your rake comes in for the inward rake hit. If the target is still alive Activate your Ghost blade (Assume you have it) and continue to chase.

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Summoner Spells

Used to get in and get out...and in general everywhere faster
Shut down people like Olaf, Vlad, Mundo and the like. 50% to healing reduction and a dot helps rack up those kills

While I prefer the two above things like...

What isn't it good for?
I'd normally pair this up with ignite for a guaranteed Kill.

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I start with Doran's Blade as it gives a healthy mix of Damage, Health, And a tiiiny bit of life steal. After which on my first Recall I grab Berserker greaves and 1-2 longs sword to start into my Brutalizer. Then comes The B.F. Sword for some early game boost to damage and Ghost blade soon after. Note: REMEMBER TO PRESS THE BUTTON TO ACTIVATE ITS ACTIVE, Its a life saver at times and especially in the Mid-Late game. Onto Infinity edge and a Recurve bow.
NOTE 2: At this point you should decide. Do I need the tencacity now? Or do I need that life steal even more? Sometimes this choice is critical to the game. though after you pick one you should then build into the other. after building both Stark's fervor and Cloak and dagger, you should finish your final item Phantom dancer. When this is all said and done. If the game is not done by now start drinking down those potions. Agility>Fortitude>Brilliance>Oracles. (Unless theres a stealth champion in the game then Agi> Oracles> Fort> Brill)

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Now you might be asking...

Why no Frozen mallet? Or trinity force? Wont the Mallet help your passive and trinity force help out that....everything?

Both true, but This build would falter with them. Trinity force is 4k I'd rather spend into my Infinity edge, and Frozen mallet's Health and Minor Damage isn't going to help MUCH. Though if you feel it necessary throw them into the build.

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Seriously I practically thrive off it. If it'll help me better the build then my ear is open...Unless your going to be a stubborn arse about it. -_-"

And if I missed anything lemme know ASAP


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